Pawan Chauhan

Pawan Chauhan

Hello! My name is “Pawan Chauhan” and I live in Agra. I have lived in Agra since childhood and have done all my studies, I have completed my B.CA course till 2020. I know both web development and Android app development very well, along with this, I also know Seo and Blogging in Digital Marketing. And in the side job, I teach in a computer center called IT Computer Education, in which software courses are done, due to which I have been able to implement my skills a lot. I also get a lot of programming languages like – HTML / CSS , XML,  C/C++ , Python , Arduino , java , java script , PHP , etc…

I have created this blog only to store and share all these skills, so that all the things that I have learned in such a time, you can learn everything quickly, if you want to continue to get the information of all my sub-classes. So you can follow me on social media from the links given below.


Online courses

I have learned Android application development from the Internet, for which you must have Xml and Java.


I work in a computer institute called IT Computer Education, which has made a difference in my skills.



If you want any information related to computer or mobile then please let me know