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how to learn kali linux

Best way to learn Linux – If you looking for the best ways to learn Linux or Kali Linux then this is the right place to find out that how to learn Linux and here you can read about how to learn Linux for beginners.

Are you a computer or mobile user and you want to learn how to learn Kali Linux operating system but you don’t know where to start or how to learn it step by step.

In today’s article, I will tell you many better ways to learn Linux, with the help of which you can easily learn to easily run or use an operating system like Linux or Kali Linux.

So Let; Get Started !!

Best ways to Learn Linux | Best way to Learn Kali Linux

If you too are having problems in learning Linux or Kali Linux or do not understand how to learn it this way, then in this article I will show you 11+ ways to learn Linux, with the help of which you can easily learn Kali Linux and Linux.

1. Kali Linux Book

how to learn kali linux

Kali Linux is an open-source, Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing, It is available free on the Internet. It is the same operating system as the rest of Linux, if you know how to use Kali Linux then you can use every type of Linux operating system.

When you install Kali Linux on your computer, then the default web browser on your Linux is Firefox, open this browser, and as soon as you open you will get a book of “Free Kali Linux training“, with the help of which you can learn to use Kali Linux.

2. YouTube

how to learn kali linux
YouTube | Best way to learn linux

YouTube is the most popular platform on which people display their skills through video, with the help of YouTube you can easily learn to use Linux or Kali Linux.

On YouTube, you can learn anything related to any category, on this platform you can easily learn Linux by watching videos and doing practicals, here you will also find many tutorials for learning Linux, which you can get for free.

3. Udemy

how to learn kali linux
Udemy | Best way to learn linux

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace in which you are provided many Types of courses like if you are a student then you can learn courses like programming languages, android development, web development, digital marketing, etc.

On Udemy you get many courses for free and many courses are paid for, but you can learn Kali Linux for free, you can go to Udemy by clicking on the link to go to the direct course.

4. The Linux Foundation

how to learn kali linux
The Linux Foundation | Best way to learn linux

The Linux Foundation is an online website on which you get various types of courses related to Linux, with the help of which you can easily learn about any type of Linux operating system and also learn how to use it.

You can see any courses on this website and you can teach any course of your choice, in this way you can easily teach Linux, and it is also the best way to learn Linux.

5. JavaTPoint WebSite

how to learn kali linux
JavaTpoint | Best way to learn linux

JavaTPoint is an online website that helps students learn programming languages such as – HTML/CSS, Java, Python, SQL, etc. and on this website, you will also find Linux tutorials.

This is a Trusted website. By visiting this website, you can learn programming languages according to yourself and at the same time, it is also the best way to learn Linux.

6. EDX

how to learn kali linux
EDX | Best way to learn linux

EDX is an online website that provides a variety of computer-related courses. If you want to learn software like Excel, PowerPoint, or Tally, you can still visit this website, you can also learn many types of programming languages on it.

You can easily learn any course according to this by visiting this website and if you want to learn Linux from this site, you can learn Linux by clicking on the Linux course and go to its website, this is also the best way to learn Linux.

7. Coursera

how to learn kali linux
Coursera | Best way to learn linux

Coursera is a very useful site on which you are provided with IT-related courses. On this website you also get courses like Software Development, Google IT Support, Red Hat, Command-Line in Linux, you can also access these courses for free.

Visit this web site, you will get many courses of Linux, you can learn any course related to Linux at your own will, you can enroll this course by clicking on Red Hat Linux.

8. Cybrary

how to learn kali linux
Cybrary | Best way to learn linux

Cybrary is an online training website, It’s a largely super useful site, Cybrary contains a “cyber library” of all kinds of IT courses. This is an advanced training site, a site on which only people with a high level of experience can learn.

On this website, you will get many types of advanced courses, from this site you can also learn Linux+ as well as Linux.

9. Linux Survival

Linux Survival is a free tutorial designed to make it as easy as possible to learn Linux. Even though Linux has hundreds of commands, there are only about a dozen you need to know to perform most basic tasks.

On this site, you will find a terminal on which you can view Linux using the commands of Linux. This is also the best way to learn Linux.

10. Codecademy

how to learn kali linux
Codecademy | Best way to learn linux

Codecademy is an online website of learn Programming Languages but this site is provide paid courses you can also learn Linux by purchasing its courses.

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