Bluetooth not Working on Kali Linux ||

bluetooth is not working in kali linux

hey, are you trying to connect a Bluetooth device with your Kali Linux, but your Bluetooth is not working on Kali Linux?

Maybe, your system is not searching and showing any device, the Bluetooth manager not opening in Kali Linux, or it’s not able to connect to any wireless Bluetooth device on Kali Linux.

If you are facing these types of problems and want to fix them, then this is the right place to find out the way to Enable Bluetooth in Kali Linux.

So read this article completely to fix your Bluetooth 100% and then you can enable Bluetooth in your Linux operating system.

How to Enable Bluetooth in Kali Linux

If you are not able to connect your wireless device with Bluetooth on your system, it can be due to the system update. So you just need to update your system using the command β€œSudo apt-get updateβ€œ.

If you have already updated your system and still your Bluetooth is not working then follow these kali linux bluetooth command line to enable Bluetooth in Kali Linux.

Step 1:- Open your Terminal in Kali Linux and type these commands.

$ sudo apt-get update
$ service bluetooth start

Step 2:- Give your root permissions if they ask

Step 3:- Then open Bluetooth manager and try to connect a bluetooth device.

This method will active bluetooth in your Kali Linux and If you restart your computer then you need to use this command again everytime.

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