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If you looking for free hardware diagnostic tools or computer diagnostic software free then this is the right place to find out computer hardware diagnostic Software free.

If you are a computer user, then you will have some problems in your computer with hardware-related problems. It can’t happen that if you are an expert in the computer, then there will be no problem with your computer.

So if your computer hardware problem is also a problem, but you do not understand. So in today’s article, I will tell you some Computer Hardware Diagnostic Tools Free with the help of which you can easily find out which of your hardware is the problem in your Computer.

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Free Hardware Diagnostic Tools || Hardware Diagnostic Tools

Computer Hardware Diagnostic Software Free

Now I will tell you some Free Computer Hardware Diagnostic Tools and methods with the help of which you can easily find the hardware problem in the computer and fix them. So now I will tell you How to install and use these free hardware diagnostic tools, then Follow me Step-by-Step.

1. Speccy || Free PC Diagnostic Software

Speccy is a comprehensive and hardware informational software and it’s also free software that gives you information about including your computer’s motherboard, processor, graphic card, RAM, hard disk, and operating system.

This is advanced Computer Hardware Diagnostic Software Free, with the help of which you can see all the details of your Hardware parts without opening the information of any particular hardware part. free pc diagnostic software

Download: – Speccy

2. CPU-Z || Free Hardware Diagnostic Tools

It is a simple but effective free hardware diagnostic software with the help of which you can get some main information of your computer such as – processor name, processor number, motherboard, graphics card information, Cache size memory type and size, processor core frequency, etc.

Download: – CPU-Z

3. HD Tune || Computer Hardware Diagnostic Tools Free

HD Tune is an easy and lightweight computer hardware diagnostic tool with the help of which you can easily find out the details of your external device like – Solid State Drive, USB-Drive, Hard-Disk, Memory Card, etc. But this tool is not completely free, you only get it for 15 days free, then you can take its paid plane.

Download: – HD Tune

4. MemTest86 || Computer Hardware Diagnostic Software Free

MemTest86 is a free Computer Hardware Diagnostic tool. This is a very useful tool, with the help of this, you give information in the storage of memory of your computer as well as it also gives information about cache, chipset, motherboard. By using it, you do not need to open your computer frequently and check.

Download: – MemTest86

5. HddScan || Free Hardware Diagnostic Tools

HddScan is a hardware diagnostic tool that you get to download for free on the Internet. This is a free hard disk scanning software that you can understand by its name, you can also use it to measure the temperature of your head drive, this tool is mostly used to get information about the hard disk.

Download: – HddScan

6. AIDA64 || Computer Hardware Diagnostic Software Free

AIDA64 is a free pc diagnostic software, You will love this tool because, with the help of this tool, you can easily get information in the combination of motherboard, operating system, display, software, database, security in your computer. It also has other features related to computer hardware that you will definitely like.

Download: – AIDA64

7. Process Explorer || Motherboard Diagnostic Software Free

Process Explorer is a free Computer Hardware Diagnostic Software Free tool by using this tool you can check the files and folders of your computer, which file is currently processing, and which file or folder is detecting malware, it shows you directly to that file or folder. So that you have no problem with the hardware.

Download: – Process Explorer

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