How to Crack Password Protected RAR file in Kali Linux || Crack RAR Password

how to crack rar password using kali linux

Crack RAR Password || Pro Developer

If you have forgotten to put a password on a ZIP or RAR file, then in this post, I will tell you how to remove the RAR password using Kali Linux

Many times it has happened to you that zip or RAR leaves a password on a file and when you are working on that file, you do not remember the password.

This post is only for the users of Kali Linux otherwise, if you are a Windows user, tell me in the comment box, I will make a post for Windows also.

How to Unlock RAR Password using Kali Linux

john the ripper to crack rar password

To remove the password of the RAR or ZIP file, you should have Kali Linux installed on your computer, if you do not know how to install Kali Linux then you can understand by clicking on the link given below.

Already in Kali Linux, you will find many tools for password cracking, among them you have to use John the Ripper tool.

This tool is used when you have forgotten to put a password on one of your ZIP files or you have downloaded and opened a RAR file, but they ask for the password, but you do not know the password.

Crack ZIP Password john the ripper ||Crack rar password remover

As I told you earlier this tool is used when you forget to put a password on one of your zip files or you have downloaded and opened the RAR file, but they ask for the password, but you do not have the password It is known.

At such times, you can easily crack the password of any zip or RAR file with the help of this tool.

Now whatever I tell you, you have to do it step-by-step so that you too can easily crack the password of any RAR file.

crack rar password

First, paste the file on the desktop whose password you want to crack.

Then open your terminal and type “John”, then if the text appears in the form of the image below, it means that this tool is already installed in your computer.

If you do not know this text, you will need to install this tool, to install, type “sudo apt-get install john”.

Type – ” cd desktop “

Then if your file is ZIP, then type what I am doing, otherwise, you can delete ZIP and RAR it.

Type – ” zip2john>pawan.txt “

In my cash, my file name is, you type the name of your file.

encryption form

After typing this ” zip2john>pawan.txt “, a file will be created on your desktop, which if you open and view, you will get the password in encrypted form.

Then Type – ” john pawan.txt “

password is here

After writing this command, password cracking will start and your password will appear in front of you at this terminal.

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