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DOS vs DDOS – If you looking for a Difference Between Dos and DDOS attacks then this is the right place to find out that what is the main difference between dos and DDOS attacks and here I will explain to you Dos and DDoS attack examples.

Are you a Computer User and use the Internet but for some time your Wifi works slow or sometimes it does not work and If you have any online website which is down for some time or you have not found it And if you are feeling the effect of some illegal activity, then you may have had some kind of DOS/DDOS Attack?

What is DOS Attack

dos vs ddos

DOS means Denial of Service, This is a cyber attack that prevents users from accessing network resources like a website, network, email, and Wifi or makes it very slow, like supposing a website has been attacked with a Dos attack, then the website has a large An amount of useless traffic is sent so that the website cannot handle that traffic, due to which the website becomes very slow or shuts down.

The hacker on whom this attack sends a lot of requests to that server at the same time, much more than the limit of that server. By which that server does not give access to more requests and no user knows access to that service. As you know that every server has a limit on the network, that server can handle only that much traffic, but if more traffic is sent to that server or network, then the server will either be down or slow. or it may crash.

What is DDOS Attack

DDOS means Distributed Denial of Service, This attack is also similar to Dos attack, there is only some difference between DOS and DDOS. In DDOS, this attack is done on a target if the device is done while in DOS only one laptop also works.

Difference Between Dos and DDOS || DOS vs DDOS

difference between dos and ddos

Now I will tell you some such differences between DOS vs DDOS, from which you will understand to a great extent that what is the Difference Between DOS and DDOS.

DOS AttackDDOS Attack
This can be done by only one DeviceThere must be more than one Device
DOS stands for Denial of ServiceDDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service
DOS is slower as compared to DDOSDDOS is faster than DOS attack
This attack can be done on any network service – wifi, server, etc.This attack also can be done on any network service – wifi, servers, etc.

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