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ethical hacking using kali Linux
Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux 2021

Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux – If you looking for a Kali Linux tutorial then this is the right place to learn ethical hacking using Kali Linux from a to z


Welcome to my ethical hacking using Kali Linux from A to Z.

My name is Pawan Chauhan and I am an information security penetration tester and a Certified Ethical Hacker.

Learn Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux from a to z

During the session will be going through those point first.

I’ll be going through what is the objective of this course then what is the course outline and then why is this course is different.

I mean there are many ethical hacking courses online But what makes this course different.

The first, point is to explain what is the course objective.

As I mentioned earlier I already have an ethical hacking course that covered many system vulnerabilities and hacking.

So it was a full course but it didn’t dive deep into hacking. It went through hacking a different kind of systems.

So I wanted in this course to dive deeper into ethical hacking to learn more about the ethical hack.

My second objective is to be realistic.

How to hack real ants. I cannot say hundred percent secure because nothing is hundred percent secure.

But how penetration testing is done realistically if you’re going to work in a penetration testing project.

How the project is working. That’s why one of the resources that you’ll be getting well once you enroll in this course will be the penetration testing templates and documents.

So it’s not just gaining the skills but also will know how to do that as a business or as a real skills.

My last point when it comes to the objective will be to get some serious exam and some serious certificate penetration tester who holds some powerful certificate.

this will be added to his profile and will give him credit that you know he knows what he’s doing.

So during this training, I will also prepare you for some of the highest certificates into penetration testing as you’re going to see in a few seconds now.

Kali Linux penetration testing and ethical hacking| Kali Linux nethunter

ethical hacking using kali Linux
penetration testing phases.

The next point will be what will be the course outline.

So the course is going through the regular penetration testing phases.

How to do reconnaissance but in a professional way. What tool and we going only to focus on Kali Linux operating system as the number one tool in penetration testing.

If you don’t know that what is kali Linux then click the link given in the below.

What is Kali Linux and How to Install Kali Linux.

So how to do reconnaissance in penetration testing how to do scanning and were going to dive deeper into that then how to exploit the system how to hack the system and what is supposed to exploitation.

So all the sections inside this course will cover that four area.

Why are these Courses Different| Kali Linux hacking tutorials

Now, why are these courses different as I just mentioned.There is many ethical hacking courses.

Why My ethical hacking course using Kali from A to Z is a different course for many reasons.

Number one Point

  • I will provide you with a lot of resources because whatever course you’re going to take is usually not enough especially if you know if you want to be specialized in one area.
  • So I assume that you took my course and you like the sequel injection very much.
  • I give many examples and you want to dive deeper into a sequence.
  • I will send you a lot of resources related to the second injection. Assume that you like the network exploitation.
  • You are a network administrator and you want to dive deeper into the network.
  • I’m going to send you a lot of network documents.
  • So it will not stop at the course, It will go deeper and deeper and you’ll get much more resources.
  • it’s a virtual for the sure ethical hacking course.It's not the type of courses that you just watch them you have to practice.

Second Point

  • If you need to get the skills you have to practice ethical hacking and for sure you should not practice randomly or go to a real target and practice.
  • because this is very dangerous. It’s illegal in some countries unless you have authorization.
  • It may cause a lot of problems. So I will give you a level that will allow you to practice all the attacks and once you feel comfortable that you can use it in real scenarios.
  • After getting the proper approval then you can move in so you will be provided with a real lab.

The third point

  • I believe this is a very very important point. Now once you completed the course. Next what should be the next step.
  • What I’m going to do is that every month I will send you a challenge.
  • It could be a virtual machine that you need to download or it could be a web application locally hosted or it could be a VPN connection to a network.
  • And I’m going to ask you to hack some system and Im going to let you do it yourself from A to Z.
  • I know it would be exhausting. You’re going to spend a lot of effort but believe me this is how you get the experience.
  • So after a while, you would be really gained the real penetration testing you’d get a virtual machine with no information at all and he would go try to hack it
  • you get access to a virtual network with a VPN connection and you are on your own try to hack it or maybe a web application to do your research you check your resources.
  • But believe me, this is how you’ll gain real experience once you reach this stage you will be ready to get a certificate.
  • As I mentioned one of the objectives in this course besides gaining ethical hacking skills and zero realistic penetration testing skills is to get certified.

Profit from this course | hacking with Linux

I will allow you to or I will help you to pass two different certificates.

The first one is a Certified Ethical Hacker from easy games and I usually send the latest exam practice question.

It’s an online exam. It’s an eye certificate.

But this is not the highest on the high certificate in our field is offensive security professional certificate Offensive Security Certified Professional.

This is one of the highest certificates in this field and why you consider is why we consider this certificate the highest

because to be able to clear the exam or to be able to get the certificate you have to clear a practical exam, not an online exam or a multiple-choice exam they will give you an app and they will give you 24 hours to crack or to hack this slap.

Now if you go through practicing my monthly assessment I will let you know when you’ll be ready to apply for such an exam.

But I think this is one of the best certificates in the field. And whoever holds the certificate you know it’s quite clear that he knows how to do a second hacking.

So after finishing this course and after doing the practice that I will be submitting you and the plans that we will follow you will be ready to take both exams and you will be ready to get both certificates finally one of the benefits.

most advanced level ethical hacking using Kali Linux.

I believe in my courses is the support and whoever enrolls in any of my previous courses.

He will know what I’m talking about. I provide my best support to my students by resources by answering that question by planning for their career by sending them a proper plan to achieve a certain certificate.

So I’ll do my best to provide my support besides insides of course there will be a section like most of my other courses called Student request and second hacking is a very big field.

So the student will from time to time have their own request. Can you show us a specific attack?

Can you send us how this thing is done so according to the request that I receive from my student?

I usually create other lectures to satisfies our needs.

So this is in most of my courses and I will maintain that in this course as well.

So this is a brief about my ethical hacking courses using Kali Linux from a to z and I hope this will help you to enhance your career.

And if you are new to ethical hacking I hope this will help you to get into the penetration testing career.

This is well-known and was high demand in today’s world so I hope this course will add some skills to yours and wish you all the best.

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