How to Solve “Facebook Messenger Notification” Problem

Facebook Messenger Notification Won't Go Away

Facebook Messenger Notification Won’t Go Away – If you looking for a solution to this problem “message notification won’t go away android” then this is the right place to find out its Solution.

Are you irritated by the constant data notifications of Facebook Messenger, you have tried many different methods many times but till now you have not got the solution for this problem.

If you are facing some problems like this, then after reading this post, you can easily solve this problem.

Facebook Messenger Problems | message notification won’t go away android

message notification won't go away android
The Facebook notification won’t go away
  • Sometimes the Facebook Messenger app shows you some messages, but when you check, you don’t see any messages.
  • You try to find that message by scrolling in your chat, then you do not even find it.
  • The red-colored notification irritated you the most on Facebook, it makes you repeatedly distracted from your work, and even after checking it, it does not stop.

Don’t worry, your phone is not damaged by a virus or anything else, it is just a problem in Facebook’s Messenger app, which is caused by accessing Facebook from a browser on a laptop or PC.

In this post, I will tell you how you can get free from this problem of continuous notification dot from Facebook Messenger.

Note: First of all, to remove these red-colored notifications, first we have to know why this show is happening to us.

Check your ‘message requests’ in Facebook Messenger

message notification won't go away android
The Facebook notification won’t go away

It is possible that you have some unread messages, which are not shown in the inbox, but in your request message or other inboxes.

  • First of all, Open Facebook in Any web browser on your computer
  • Then open inbox by click on messenger icon
  • Then you will see the notification of a “request message” at the top like the image given in the below.

In this way, you can check the message request in your Facebook inbox and see that maybe this notification problem was not coming due to this.

Why do I have a Message notification but No message on Facebook | Facebook Messenger Notification Won’t Go Away

If you have checked the message request but you still have not received the unread message, yet that red-colored notification is showing, then I have a solution for this also.

  • First of all, open the Facebook Messenger app
  • Then check if the red notification is not removed, then go to Settings.
  • Then Logout from your Facebook account
  • In the Last Check again.

In this way, the “Facebook notification won’t go away” problem you are confirming will be solved, you just have to use these two methods.

Facebook Messenger Notification Won’t Go Away

Now I will tell you That How you can check Messenger Notification which you are not able to see. I think this must have irritated you a lot, But don’t worry, because I can say for sure that this method will work 100% and you will not show any messenger notification which you are not able to see, So follow the steps for Facebook Messenger Notification Won’t Go Away.

  • First, Open any Browser on your PC or Android
  • Search “Facebook” and open the first WebSite
  • Then Login or open your account in Facebook
  • Click on Messenger Icon
  • Then click on Massege Request
  • Now you can check your messages, Which you are not able to see.

In this way, you can remove Facebook message notifications from your computer and simultaneously see which messages were causing you to see Facebook notifications.

How do I Get Rid of the Messenger Notification When there is No Message?

If you have to face this problem that “You have a Message Notification but when you check there is no message“, then you can use any method in these methods given above, but if these solutions you don’t get the solution of your problem, then do this –

  • First long tap on that Facebook application
  • Then click on Uninstall
  • Then open playstore or App Market
  • Then again install Facebook App.

Why is Messenger still showing an unread message?

If these all methods not working given above, then you can use this last method, with this method you can easily see all messages of your Facebook which is not showing.

  • First open any browser on your Computer or Mobile
  • Then search Fackbook and open first website
  • After this login at Fackbook with your Account
  • Then you can easily check your messages in a Browser and it’s 100% working.

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