How to Reset Kali Linux Password 2022 || Forgot Kali Linux password

how to reset kali linux password

Forgot Kali Linux password – If you looking to reset your Kali Linux Password then this is the right place to find out How to reset the root password in Kali Linux here you can also learn to reset the kali Linux username and password.

Are you a programmer or use Kali Linux now you are unable to use your Kali Linux operating system because of forgetting the password, and now you want to reset your Kali Linux password then stay in tune with this article.

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How to Reset Password in Kali Linux

forgot kali linux password

Maybe your default username password is “kali and root“, “root and kali” or “root and root“, so one-by-one try these all username & passwords in your kali Linux.

Sometimes you enter the Username and Password on the login screen in your Kali Linux operating system but you cannot log in, because you have probably forgotten your Kali Linux password.

But if you want to reset your Kali Linux password then Follow the steps mentioned so that you can reset your forgotten password of black Linux easily.

Step 1: Boot into GRUB Menu

If you have forgotten the password and when you are not logged in repeatedly, you do not have the option of a Forgotten password, then you have to go to the GRUB menu and boot your Kali Linux.

  • So Restart your Kali Linux to go to the GRUB menu.
  • Then press E Key at the time of boot of Kali Linux.
  • Then you will get to the GRUB menu.

Step 2: Edit GRUB menu

After reaching the GRUB menu, you have to make some changes to the code written in it.

  • First, Find Linux written in this code.
  • Then find this code in the Next line –
os quiet splash
  • Then you remove this code and replace it with this code –
rw initrd=install/gtk/initrd.gz quiet splash init=/bin/bash
  • And Press ctrl + x to goto on the root partition

Step 3: How to Change Password in Kali Linux using terminal

After reaching the root partition, you have to use some commands here so that you can reset your Kali Linux password easily.

  • Type command –
passwd root
  • In this command root is my username
  • replace root to your username of Kali Linux
  • And after this command, your Kali Linux password will be reset.
  • Now type your new password
  • After updating the new password, type this command –

After this command, press Enter key 2 times, then your Kali Linux operating system will start booting again after the boot completes type your new password, then you will successfully log in.

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