Kali Linux vs Garuda Linux | Difference Between Kali and Garuda

kali linux vs garuda linux

Kali vs Garuda – If you looking for the difference between Garuda Linux and Kali Linux then this is the right place to find out Which is the Best operating system for you Kali Linux vs Garuda Linux.

Are you a Computer User and using Windows Operating System, But Now you want to install an Operating System to learn ethical hacking, but do you know Which is the Best Operating System for you Kali Linux or Garuda Linux?

So read this article completely, because In this I have told you much Difference Between Garuda Linux and Kali Linux and after this article, You will be able to choose the right operating system for yourself.

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Difference Between Kali Linux and Garuda Linux

Kali LinuxGaruda Linux
Kali Linux can be used with 2 GB of RAMGaruda can’t work on 2 GB, you must use 4 GB
Kali Linux is Open-Source OSGaruda Linux is also Open-Source OS
Kali Linux was built in 1991 by Linus TorvaldsGaruda was launched on 2021 by Naman Garg
Kali Linux has 600+ pre-installed toolsGaruda Linux has 2,600 Tools
You can use this for Advanced HackingYou can’t use this for Advanced Hacking

Garuda vs Kali Linux for Beginner

kali linux vs garuda linux for beginners

Garuda Linux – If you are a Beginner in Hacking or Penetration Testing then you can use Garuda Linux Because Garuda Linux has a Good and easy Graphical User Interface, with help of this you can easily learn Ethical Hacking or Penetration Testing.

Kali Linux – If you are a Beginner in Hacking or Penetration Testing then you can also use Kali Linux Because, Before Garuda Linux, people used to use only Kali Linux. But Kali Linux is an Advanced operating system, So you can learn Hacking but It’s not very easy on Kali Linux.

Kali Linux vs Garuda Linux System Requirements

If you want to install Kali Linux or Garuda Linux on your computer, but If you have a low configuration system then you must know about the Minimum System requirement of Garuda Linux and Kali Linux, Then you can easily select a Good Operating System according to your Computer.

Garuda LinuxKali Linux
Intel i3 Dual-Core ProcessorIntel i3 Dual-Core Processor
30 GB storage spaceMinimum 20 GB Hard Disk Space
video card with OpenGL 3.3 or betterA video card (Optional)
VirtualBox version is not available for GarudaKali Linux Virtualbox Available

Kali Linux vs Garuda Linux for Gaming

kali linux vs garuda linux for gaming

Garuda Linux – If you are a Gamer and like to play high graphical games then you can Install Garuda Linux and play games on Good Quality, because Garuda Linux is a easy to use and a Good GUI Operating System, so that you can use Garuda Linux for Gaming.

Kali Linux – If you are a Gamer and like to play Games then, I recommend you that Don’t use Kali Linux for gaming because Kali Linux is not a Gaming operating system and Kali Linux is specially made for learn Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing.

Garuda Linux vs Kali Linux Desktop Environments

Desktop EnvironmentsKali LinuxGaruda Linux

Garuda Linux vs Kali Linux installation

Kali Linux – Installing Kali Linux is very difficult for a beginner who knows how to install normal Windows, even when installing Kali Linux, he does not understand which option to select to install it. and it takes a lot of time to install.

Garuda Linux Garuda is very easy to install, even the one who does not know how to install Windows can install it, it is not going to take you much time to install it, you can easily install it in 5 to 10 minutes.

Garuda Linux vs Kali Linux for Hacking

kali linux vs garuda linux for hacking

We can say that Kali Linux is a good operating system for hacking as well as you can also do your own developments work on Kali Linux, in which you already get many tools that help you perform hacking.

Garuda Linux is also a hacking operating system, but it is not suitable for any professional hacker. This operating system is designed for game-playing people so that those peoples give better performance than the Windows operating system.

So if you are a high-level hacker, Programmer, or developer, then you should work on Kali Linux itself, but if you are a gamer or are instilled in learning or doing normal hacking then you can also go with Garuda Linux.

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