What is GPU Process in Chrome || How to Disable GPU Process in Chrome

what is gpu process in chrome

GPU Process – If you looking for GPU Process then this is the right place to find out What is GPU Process and How to Disable GPU Process in Chrome.

Are you a Computer user and like to use Google Chrome, But sometimes you feel that your computer’s CPU is running very fast and your computer’s speed has slowed down, then you check in Task Manager and you get “GPU Process” using a lot of memory.

But do you know about GPU Process, If not then read this article completely because In this I have told you What is GPU Process in Chrome and How to Disable GPU Process.

So let’s get started !!

What is GPU Process in Chrome

When you are not the working on Chrome browser and If you check in Task Manager, then you will notice the GPU process memory usage is 0%. This means that even when you are viewing a video, graphic, or web page on Chrome, then the GPU process works.

When you use Chrome browser on your computer and or sometimes your computer speed becomes very slow due to working on more tabs, then if you open Task Manager then you see a message that “GPU Process using a lot of memory“.

How to Disable GPU Process in Chrome

Now I will tell you that How you can Disable GPU Process in Chrome, So follow my steps one by one.

  • First, right-click on Task Bar and slect Task Manager
  • Or Press “Shift + ESC” button for open Task Manager
  • Then Goto Memory Usage
  • Then find Chrome Browser
  • If Chrome Browser usage high
  • Then select Chrome and click on “End Task

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