Top Ways to Hack WiFi Password using CMD in Windows 10

hack wifi password || hack wifi password using cmd

Hack WIFI Password – If you looking for how to hack WiFi passwords then this is the place to find out wifi password cracker or WIFI Hacking and here you will learn to hack Wifi Password with CMD.

Do you know how WIFI hackers can easily access the password of any WiFi without Kali Linux or other operating systems and without any Wifi hacking attacks?

When you also see the WiFi network range around you on your mobile or computer, then you must be wondering how you can find out the password of this WiFi from the Windows Operating System.

In this blog post I will show you how to find the password of WiFi, which is not a hack, it is just a trick in Windows Operating System.

How to see Wifi Password Windows 10 CMD || Hack Wifi Password

If you are an Internet User and want to Access WiFi network for free, then now I will tell you How you can Hack WiFi password from Windows operating system, for this you do not have to be technical, the methods I will tell you about this In this way even a small child can crack the password of any wifi.

In this article, I have told Two methods by which You can easily Crack the Password of any Wifi so that you only have a laptop or desktop computer in which the password of that wifi is already connected. This computer can also be your friend or Neighbor, then from that computer, you can get the wifi password by using that computer in just 30 Seconds.

How to Hack Wifi Password using CMD

hack wifi password || hack wifi password using cmd

Now I will show you How you can easily Find out the Wifi Password with the help of Command Prompt, this is a very easy trick, in this, you only have to type a one-line command and you will get the Password of that Wifi. So Follow the steps for Hack Wifi Password.

  • First, press Windows + R key on Keyboard and hit Enter
  • Then type CMD in the run command box and hit Enter
  • Then a “black color window” will open in front of you
  • Then type a command.

netsh wlan show profile name=” WIFI NAME ” key=clear

  • WIFI NAME ” replace with the wifi name which is connected with your computer.
hack wifi password || hack wifi password using cmd
  • In my case, My wifi name is AndroidAP
  • So I will type the command and hit Enter

netsh wlan show profile name=” AndroidAP ” key=clear

  • I think you are understand
  • Then scroll down and find “Key Content
  • And Now You will see my Your Password Password in front of key content.

This was a very easy way to find the password of any wifi Password, In which you just have to enter a command and your wifi password will come in front of you, If you face any problem till here then you can tell me by commenting, otherwise you can use other method as mentioned by me. That method will work 100%.

How to Hack Wifi Password using Control Panel

hack wifi password || hack wifi password using cmd

If you want to Hack Wifi Password, then it may happen that the Command Prompt method may not work on your laptop or computer or show an error, because of some directory or connectivity issue.

But this Method 100% working method, In this you will not have to type any command of any method nor type the name of any wifi, in this you only have to go to a location and by going there you will easily get the Connected Wifi Password in your computer.

  • First, press Windows button and type Control Panel.
  • Then open Control Panel
  • Now click on Network and Internet option
  • Then click on Network and Sharing Centre
  • Then you will see a your connections with Internet
  • Now click on connected Wifi Name
  • Then you will see a new Window
  • Then click on Wireless Properties option
  • Then go to security
hack wifi password || hack wifi password using cmd
  • Now you will get a Option Network security key (this is wifi password)
  • Then click on show Charecters
  • And Now you can see the Wifi Password

In this way you can easily find out any Wifi Password, This is one of the easiest tricks to Hack Wifi Passwords, in this you neither have to type any command nor type any wifi name, just go to one location and there you also get the password.

Note: Both of these methods only work if your laptop or desktop computer is connected to a wireless WiFi.

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If you have any problem in any part of this article, or you want any more information related to the computer, then tell me in the comment box, I will surely reply to you.

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