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how to download 360 video from youtube

Hey !!, do you want to know How to Download 360 Videos from Youtube?

If Yes, then this is the right place to find out how you can Download VR or 360 videos from Youtube.

Do you want to download and play 360 youtube videos on your computer and mobile? then read this article completely.

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How to Download 360 Videos from Youtube

How to Make 360 Videos for Youtube

There are many methods to download 360 youtube videos, but in this article, I will tell you the easiest method to download VR videos from Youtube.

Step 1Open a Chrome or any Browser on your Computer or Mobile.
Step 2Play your 360 Youtube Video
Step 3Copy the URL of your Video
Step 4Open a New Tab
Step 5Search “Youtube Video Download”
Step 6Open Any Website.
Step 7You will see a box for pasting the URL
Step 8After pasting the URL click on the Next button

Then your 360 videos will start downloading. with the help of any VR Video Download site, you can easily download 360 videos from youtube by copying that URL.

Maybe this will not work after some time, because I was also downloading some 360 videos from a site but after a few months when I try again this method was not working. but don’t worry I have one more way.

How to Download 360 Videos using Software

how to make 360 videos on blender

If your method will not work then use this method to download 360 videos using software and it works 100. You will get many resolutions for downloading a youtube video.

Step 1Open a Chrome or any Browser on your Computer or Mobile.
Step 2Search “360 video Downloader
Step 3Open the first website “4kdownloader”
Step 4Then you will see software to download on this site.
Step 5Click to Download that Software
Step 6Then install this software on your computer
Step 7Open or Launch the Application
Step 8Then copy and paste the URL of your 360 Youtube Video
Step 9Then you will see many resolutions for downloading your video.
Step 10Download your video on 4k 360 resolution.

With this method, you can download your Youtube VR videos on your PC and can watch them. Maybe your 360 videos will not support or not play on your computer, So you can read this to watch 360 videos on your PC.

I think you have understood How you can download 360 videos from youtube, If you faced any problems or if you have any doubts then comment me down, I will help you.

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