How to Enable Gnome Environment in Kali Linux ||

How to Enable Gnome Desktop Environment

Are you using your default desktop environment in your kali machine and want to change it from Xfce to Gnome?

If Yes, this is the right place to find the Best way to Install and Enable Gnome Desktop Environment on Kali Linux.

Most of the Linux users use kali’s default desktop environment which is Xfce because they don’t know how to install Gnome while installation or some people don’t know about the gnome.

So, read this article completely and follow me step by step to install and enable Gnome Desktop Environment in Kali Linux.

How to Enable Gnome in Kali Linux

if you are a student, programmer, or developer and want to change your current desktop environment Xfce to Gnome then follow my steps to download, install and enable the gnome environment in Kali Linux.

Step 1: Open the terminal and type these commands to update and install gnomes on your system.

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install kali-desktop-gnome

Step 2: After these commands, you will show a new display where they will ask you to select a display manager, So just select “gdm3” display manager for GNOME.

Step 3: It can take some time to download and install packages and their dependencies, but once installation has been completed, restart your Kali Linux.

Step 4: After this, you will see some new options on your login screen, So select the GNOME option.

Step 5: Then you need to remove your Xfce environment which makes Gnome the default environment. So type this to remove Xfce.

$ sudo apt-get remove kali-desktop-xfce xfce4* lightdm*
$ sudo apt-get autoremove

After this command Xfce environment will remove and Gnome will make the default desktop environment of your Kali Linux.

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