How to Get BitLocker Recovery key from CMD ||

How to Get BitLocker Recovery key from CMD

Get Bitlocker recovery key using cmd – If you looking for a Get BitLocker recovery key using the command prompt in Windows then this is the right place to find out that How to Get BitLocker Recovery key from CMD in windows.


If you are a windows user and you have lost the BitLocker recovery key by lock your drive with the Windows Bitlocker on your computer and now searching the recovery key with help of a command prompt.

Then read this article completely, in it I have told you that How to Get BitLocker Recovery key from CMD and you can also unlock your encrypted drive to decrypt using the BitLocker recovery key.

So let’s get Started !!

What is Bitlocker

BitLocker is an Encryption drive tool that is found default in some paid and pro versions of the Windows operating system, with the help of it you can encrypt your computer’s drive so that no one can access your drive and your data with BitLocker encryption. It can also use a password lock.

What is the Bitlocker recovery key?

When you give your computer’s drive encrypted and password protected with the help of Windows Bitlocker, you are given a recovery while giving the password. You can only access your drive with that password, but if you forget your password then you can recover your password from your Bitlocker Recovery key as well.

How to Get BitLocker Recovery key from CMD

if you want to Get the Bitlocker Recovery key From CMD, So let me tell you, this is the easiest way to Get the BitLocker recovery key, in this way you just have to type a command at the command prompt and you get the recovery key. so follow the steps –

  • First, press Windows + R key on the Keyboard
  • Type CMD in Run box and Enter
  • Then Just type a command –
manage-bde -protectors C: -get

After typing this command, you have to press Enter, then you will get the recovery of your Bitlocker, in this way you can easily get Bitlocker recovery from cmd.

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