How to Increase Net Speed in Kali Linux

How to Increase Net Speed in Kali Linux

If you want to increase net Speed in Kali Linux, then this is the right place to find out How you can Boost internet speed in Kali Linux.

If you facing slow internet speed problem or want to increase speed then there are few steps to get most out of your network connection in Kali Linux.

1: Update and Upgrade your System

Maybe your Kali Linux version gatting old, So before following other steps you should update your system by using the command:

sudo apt-get update && upgrade

2: Optimize Your Network Settings

Try to modify the default settings for MTU, TCP window size, and TCP time-out values to better suit your network conditions.

3: Update Your Network Drivers

Make sure that you have the latest network drivers installed, as these can greatly improve the speed and stability of your network connection.

4: Disable Unnecessary Network Services

It is also imporatnt to stop and disable any network services that you don’t need, as these can slow down your network.

5: Use a Faster DNS Server

If any still any step not working given ablove, the change the default DNS server to a faster, more reliable one to improve your internet speed.

6: Disable IPv6

If you’re not using IPv6, disabling it can help to improve network performance in some cases.

7: Enable TCP Fast Open

You should enable TCP, beacuse TCP Fast Open is a TCP extension that speeds up data transmission by allowing the client to send data in the initial SYN packet.

8: Enable packet schedulers

Enable packet schedulers such as PPP or TCP CC to incraese the performance of your network connection.

9: Use a faster network adapter

If your network adapter is slow or outdated, consider upgrading to a faster model for improved network performance.

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