How to Install Shotcut Video Editor on Kali Linux ||

How to Install Shotcut Video Editor on Kali Linux

Hey, do you want to Install Shotcut on Kali Linux? If Yes, then I will tell you the easiest way to install Shotcut Video Editor on Kali Linux.

Are you a Youtuber or video editor and want to edit your recorded videos or screen recorded videos then this is the right place to find out the Best way to install Shotcut editing software on Kali Linux.

So let’s get started !!

How to Install Shotcut Video Editor on Kali Linux

There are many problems while you record your video or screen-recorded video like you need to remove some parts of the video, background noise, low-high pinch, voice prick, etc. But there is also a solution to these problems which is Shotcut.

You can easily fix your recorded video problems by using Shotcut software, even you can improve your video quality. you can remove extra clips, add text, clips, and images while the video is running, etc.

If you are a windows user then it is easy to install a video editor but if you are a Linux user then you should the command to install it. So, follow me step by step to install a video editor on Kali Linux.

Step 1: Open the terminal and type these commands to install Shotcut on your kali Linux.

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install shotcut

These commands are enough to install Shotcut on a Kali Linux system. Now you can easily edit your videos and improve quality and get the audience’s attention. You can also edit and improve your voice using Audacity.

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