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how to install windows 10 on linux

If you looking for Install Windows on Linux then this is the right place to find out that How you can Install Windows 10 / 7 on Linux here you will also learn about VMWare Workstation.

Are you a Computer User and using Windows Operating System, Now you want to Install Linux but without uninstalling Windows Operating System? It means you want to install Linux on Windows, then read this article completely.

Because I this Article, I have told you that How you can Install Linux on Windows without uninstalling windows.

So let’s get started !!

How to Install Windows on Linux

You may face some problems installing Windows on Linux because Linux is a copied operating system, Which is not easy for a Windows user to run. But in this article, I have told you a very easy way, with the help of which you can install Windows on Linux.

If you want to install and use Windows 10 on Linux, then I have told you a very easy way for this. So follow my Steps for installing Windows on Linux.

Step 1 – Download VMware WorkStation on Linux

This is the easiest way to install Windows on Linux, In this, you have to download a VMware workstation then install it on your Linux, and then you can easily install and use Windows on Linux. For Download VMWare Workstation follow me Step by Step

  • First, Open any Browser in Linux
  • Search “VMWare Workstation Download for Linux
  • Open First Website, Just Scroll down
  • Then you will see VMware for Linux, just download it.

In this way you have to download the VMWare on your Linux, it can be some 600 to 1200 MB, so wait and let it download completely.

Step 2 – Download Windows 10 ISO Image File

  • First, Open any Browser in Linux
  • Search “Download Windows 10 for VMWare
  • Open First Website
  • Then you will see Windows Version for VMware, just Download it.

Step 3 – Install VMWare Workstation on Linux

  • First, Go to Download Folder
  • Then Right-Click on the blank place and Open in Terminal
  • Then Copy the File Name and Type the Command one by one
chmod +x (Paste here File Name)
./(paste here file name)
sudo ./(paste here file name)

After typing all these commands, you have to press the enter button and then after the last command, VMware Workstation will be installed on your Linux.

Step 4 – Create a New Virtual Machine

To create a new virtual machine, Follow the Steps –

  • First, click on Create a new virtual machine, select Typical, and next.
  • Then a new virtual machine wizard dialog box will open
  • Then you have to check the Use ISO image file
  • And select your Windows image file and Next.
  • Now a “Select a Guest Operating System” dialog box will open
  • Then you have to give the name and location of the virtual machine
  • Name an Location, you can select according to your own and Next.

Step 5 – Install Windows on Vmware in Linux

  • First, Launch VMware Workstation
  • Then click on “Power on this Virtual Machine
  • Then you will see Windows Installation window
  • Then you can Install Windows on Linux

When you install Windows on your computer the way you normally do, you can easily install Windows on vmware as well, this process will be exactly the same.

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