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How to Install Wing IDE on Kali Linux

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Are you a Kali Linux user and want to install Wing IDE on your Kali Linux operating system? then read this article completely.

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How to Install Wing IDE on Kali Linux

Now I will install WIng IDE on Kali Linux, Now the question is Why choosing kali well a successful penetration tester is the one who can use the same tool the bad guys use Kali Linux is the best friend for Ethical Hackers so it should be yours.

First, you need to know which version is installed on your Kali Machine, for check it opens your terminal and uses the command “python –version“. with the help of this, you can check the version of python installed.

Follow the Steps to install Wing IDE:-

  • First open the terminal
  • then search “Download Wing IDE
  • Open first website
  • Then Download Wing IDE.

Wing IDE is not completely free. but you can download a trial version.

  • After Download this open the download folder
  • then right-click on a blank place and click on terminal
  • Then type command “d pkg -i <file name>”
  • Then it will download.

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