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how to make 360 video

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Do you want to make 360 videos on Android, on iPhone, on youtube, or without a 360 camera? then read this article completely, because, In this, I will show you many methods to make VR videos.

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What is 360 Videos or VR Videos

what is 360 video or vr video

According to Wikipedia, This video is a type of Virtual Reality Video, the viewer can see all the objects and persons present in the video by rotating that video in all directions.

If the viewer rotates his device upwards then he can see the sky or ceiling located in that video. and In the same way, by rotating his device in all directions, he can see what is present in the front screen and the back screen in that video.

A real-life example is gaming applications & Software like PUBG, Free Fire, Minecraft, etc. these are live examples If you have played these games then you have faced that If you scroll your screen, you can watch all objects & things around you.

How to Make 360 Videos

how to make 360 videos

There are many ways to make 360 videos and it depends on you what type of video you want to make. If you want to make your own 360 videos then you need to follow other methods and if you want to make 360 videos of an anime video clip then you need to follow other methods.

But don’t worry I will tell you the methods step-by-step:-

1. Make 360 Videos with a 360 Camera

how to make 360 videos with 360 camera

This is a genuine method and maximum people make 360 videos with this method, In this, you need a 360 Camera which records video by capturing all the objects around you.

If you are a vlogger and want to record 360 videos that can capture all things around you then you must purchase a 360 camera. You must use this camera if you are a bike vlogger because it makes a good experience for the viewer.

You can see this type of camera in the image given above, the man has Caught a camera. the same camera you need to purchase if you want to make your own 360 or VR videos and you can check this out by searching 360 camera or insta360 on Google.

2. Make 360 Videos on Android

how to make 360 videos with Android

You can also make 360 videos by using your android phone but your android must have high definition camera or 4k video recorder.

If you think that you can use your android phone as a 360 camera and you will make 360 videos easily by using your phone then it is impossible, because you can only capture 360 photos by using your phone.

3. Make 360 Videos on Youtube

how to make 360 videos on youtube

You can’t make 360 videos on youtube, because Youtube is a video upload and consuming platform, on youtube you only can upload High Definition videos, 4k, and 360 videos.

Youtube is a video-consuming platform so you can easily watch low-quality & High Definition videos even you can watch 360 videos by wearing 360 videos. You can also read How to Upload 360 Videos on Youtube.

4. Make 360 Videos on Blender

how to make 360 videos on blender

There is also a method to make 360 or VR videos using Blender, Blender is a software and you can it for video editing, making 2D or 3D animations, etc.

You can make 360 videos, but first, you need to learn Blender, it is not easy to learn but if you have learned then you can make 2D or 3D animations, VFX, video editing, and even make 360-degree videos.

I think you have understood what are the ways to make 360 videos, If you faced any problems or if you have any doubt then comment me down, I will help you.

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