How to Make a Toggle Switch using HTML and CSS || Project 16

toggle switch using html and css

Are you learning HTML and CSS and want some projects for practice? If Yes, then this is the right place to find out an HTML and CSS project for beginners.

There you can easily understand the code about design then you can implement this code for your personal use or for projects. You can also add these projects to your resume or GitHub by implementing them.

So read this article completely to understand this HTML project and you can also practice by just downloading our source code given below.

How to Create a Toggle Switch using HTML and CSS

Now I will tell you complete information about our webpage including HTML elements, tags, and CSS styles. this information will help you to replace my images or code with your code.

There I have used a total of 7 images on this page, four images about movie cards, 1 image for the page background,1 image for a logo, and the other for the menu icon.

Except for <HTML>, <head>, <body>, and other default tags, I have used only 10 tags to make this web page including <div>, <img>, <nav>, <ul>, <li>, <a>, <h1>, <h5>, <p>, and <button>.

Hope you understood about “index.html” section, Now we will talk about the “style.css” section there I have used multiple and different types of styles which I can’t explain to you in two or three paragraphs, so you check our tutorial where I have to explain to you about it.

HTML CSS Project 16

This is our HTML and CSS Project 16, you can also watch a complete tutorial on our youtube channel and I made this content to provide you with webpage images and source code.

But for this project now I’m only sharing webpage images so you can easily download and practice, otherwise, if you want complete source code (index.html, style.css) then tell me in the comment section.

Download File

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