How to Recover Uninstalled Programs on Windows 10 / 8 / 7

how to recover uninstall program in windows

If you looking to recover uninstalled programs or recover uninstalled drivers in windows 10 then this is the right place to find out how to recover uninstalled programs and here you will learn also that how to reinstall a program on windows 10.

If you are a computer user, then you must have used different types of software on the computer for your work, in such a situation, sometimes you will have to uninstall the old software to install new software, or sometimes you accidentally delete the software from your work.

If you have also uninstalled your work software in your computer and now you want to know how you can recover uninstalled programs, then read this article completely, in this I have told how to recover uninstalled programs on windows.

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How to Recover Uninstalled Programs

How to Recover Uninstalled Programs on Windows 10 / 8 / 7

Now I will tell you how you can easily recover the uninstall program so that you can use your old software again which was accidentally uninstalled by you. So follow my steps for recover Uninstall Programs –

  • First, Click on the “Start” button and select the “Settings” option
  • Then Go to Windows Settings and click “Recovery
  • Open “System Restore” and click on Next

In this way, you can easily restore the uninstalled software or programs in your computer, in you just have to go to System Restore and click on the Restore option and then you can access the programs you have uninstalled again.

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