How to Uninstall Kali Linux Permanently

How to Uninstall Kali Linux Permanently

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How to Uninstall Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a powerful and versatile open-source operating system that is widely used for penetration testing and digital forensics.

However, there may come a time when you no longer need Kali Linux on your system and wish to remove it. Here is a guide on how to uninstall Kali Linux.


  • A Windows, macOS, or Linux operating system
  • A bootable USB drive with the Kali Linux ISO file
  • A backup of any important data on the Kali Linux partition

Step 1: Boot into the Live USB

  • Insert the bootable USB drive into your computer and restart it
  • Press the appropriate key to enter the boot menu (usually F12, F8, or Esc)
  • Select the USB drive from the list of boot options
  • Wait for the Kali Linux Live USB to load

Step 2: Delete the Kali Linux Partition

  • Open the Disk Utility application from the Applications menu
  • Select the partition that contains Kali Linux
  • Click the Delete button to remove the partition and its data

Step 3: Expand the Windows Partition

  • Select the partition that contains Windows
  • Click the Expand button to expand the partition to fill the newly available space

Step 4: Reboot and Remove the USB Drive

  • Restart your computer
  • Remove the USB drive and boot it into your primary operating system

Step 5: Verify Successful Uninstallation

  • Open the Disk Management utility in Windows
  • Verify that the Kali Linux partition has been removed and the Windows partition has been expanded

It is important to note that uninstalling Kali Linux will permanently delete all data on the Kali Linux partition. Before proceeding, make sure to back up any important data on the Kali Linux partition.


Uninstalling Kali Linux can be a straightforward process as long as you have a bootable USB drive and a backup of any important data. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to successfully remove Kali Linux from your system.

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