How to Unlock Folders in Kali Linux

How to Unlock Directory in Kali Linux

Hey, are you trying to delete some useless file or a folder in Kali Linux, but you are not able to modify that file or folder?

Sometimes we faced a problem that we can’t delete and modify a file or directory and got a message “access denied”. It can be due to a lock file or directory.

If you are facing these types of problems and want to fix them, then this is the right place to find out the way to unlock a directory Kali Linux.

So read this article completely to fix your directory and then you can easily delete or modify that file in your Linux operating system.

How to Unlock a Directory in Kali Linux

You just need to change the permission of your locked directory or file, and you can do it by just using your terminal. So first of all open your terminal and type a single line of command, which will unlock your directory easily.

chmod 777 <file or directory name>

Before this command please insure you have already given root permissions, then type this command, and after this, you will able to modify or delete your directory or file in Kali Linux.

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