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how to unlock keyboard on windows 7

If you accidentally locked your keyboard and now you want to unlock your keyword then this is the right place to find out that How to Unlock Keyboard and you will also learn how to can lock and unlock your Keyboard.

If you are a computer user and your computer keyboard is locked for some reason due to which you are not able to do any work on your computer then don’t worry that now I will tell you How to unlock keyboard and due to which your keyboard can be locked.

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How to Unlock Keyboard || Keyboard Locked

Now I will tell you many ways to unlock keyboard, using which you can easily unlock your keyboard. There can be many reasons for keyboard locked maybe you have to update the keyboard drive in your computer or some wrong key press has been missed.

Method 1 – Turn Off NumLock Key

If you are getting Wrong Characters or Symbols on your screen while typing with the keyboard then it may be that the NumLock key is On, in your keyboard, make sure that the NumLock key is Off. So to turn off the NumLock key only press the NumLock key only one time and try again by typing. So in this way, you can unlock your keyboard.

Method 2 – Turn Off Filter Key

If your entire keyboard is not working, it may also happen that the filter key feature has been enabled on your keyboard by mistake. So don’t worry, now I will tell you how to unlock the keyword, so for that Press and hold down the right-shift key for 8 seconds.

After long pressing the right-shift key you can see that your keyboard will be unlocked, but if your keyboard is not unlocked by this method, you can also disable the filter key feature from the control panel.

Method 3 – Disable Filter key feature from Control Panel

If you want to Disable the Sticky key feature from the control panel then follow the steps –

  • First, Open Control Panel
  • Select Large icon
  • Click on “Ease of Access Center” option
  • Click on “make the keyboard easier to use” option
  • Then Uncheck both “Turn on sticky key” and “Turn on Filter key
  • Then Click on Apply

And in this way, both the sticky key feature and the filter key feature will be disabled from your keyboard from the control panel.

Method 4 – Reinstall or Update Keyboard Drivers

Your keyboard is not working properly or the keyboard is locked and you have tried many methods but still, your keyboard is not unlocked, it may be that your keyboard is locked due to the keyboard drivers being outdated, Then all you need to do is to update or reinstall your keyboard drivers.

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