How to Use Brute Force Attack || Password Cracking using Brute force Attack

how to use brute force attck
How to Use Brute Force Attack

If you looking for How to Use Brute Force Attack then this is the right place to find out Password cracking using brute force attack here you will learn How to use Brute Force Attack for android and How to use Brute Force Attack on a website.

If you are a computer user or are learning hacking then you must have heard the name of the Brute Force attack, this is an attack in which a hacker can access your data by knowing the password of your website or servers with the help of a password cracking tool. If you want to avoid this attack, then know how to prevent brute force attacks.

What is Brute Force Attack || How to Work it

Brute Force Attack is a Password Cracking method in which a hacker creates a long list of usernames and passwords and tries to crack your username and password by using any password cracking tool.

The tool Hacker uses automatically inserts the username and password of the list in your login panel one by one and if any username and password is correct it is saved separately from that list,

In this process, the hacker does not have to check the username and password repeatedly because the tool automatically gives the work in no time.

How to Use Brute Force Attack

how to use brute force attack

As you have now come to know what is the Brute Force attack and how it works, now I will tell you How to Use Brute Force Attack an how hacker performs the Brute Force attack on a Website or servers.

Now I will tell you step by step how the hacker does a brute force attack so that you too know the way and you can avoid this hacker attack. So I will use Hydra Password Cracking Tool for Brute Force Attack.

Step 1 – Create a Long List of Username and Password

The first step of a hacker is that collect a lot of information about his target, then he creates a long list of username and password related to that target such as your emails, date of birth, pat name, etc.

Step 2 – Use List Generator Tool Crunch

The second step of a a hacker that He prepares a list of passwords before performing a brute force attack, and a hacker also uses a list generator tool, named Crunch, to create a list of passwords.

In this tool, they just put some numbers and some characters and then every tool created with those characters generates a tool that generates a long list of hacker’s password automatically.

Step 3 – Collect Some Information

No any hacker can use Brute Force attack on your website or web application, for this, first of all, the hacker has to collect information about his target –

  • A long Password List
  • Email Addresses
  • Other Social Accounts Passwords
  • IP Address
  • Find Data Pass Method – post or cat.
  • Name of Username and Password’s location.

Step 4 – Find Correct Password using Hydra Tool

Kali Linux Information Gathering Tools

Hydra is a password cracking tool, with the help of which a hacker can find your correct password from the list of that password.After creating the list, the hacker uses the Hydra tool on its operating system,

In which he gives the command that he needs your username, password, or both, then this tool automatically checks all the usernames and passwords of that list according to the hacker’s command, one by one by entering the login panel of the target. And the password that is right in that list is saved separately.

I hope you have understood How to Use Brute Force Attack And in this way a hacker guess a username and password of a target with the help of Brute Force Attack. But there is only 20% chance that a hacker can know the password of a target from a brute force attack.

Because if the target keeps his password a bit long and difficult, it is very difficult for the hacker to find someone’s password from the Brute Force attack and If the target password is not in the list created by the hacker, then the hacker cannot know the password.

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