How to Watch 360 Videos in VR Headset ||

how to watch 360 video in vr headset

Hey, do you want to know How to watch 360 videos in VR Headset?

If Yes, this is the right place to find out the Best ways to watch 360 videos in VR Box and you will also learn How to use VR Headset for watching 360 videos on mobile.

Are you an Android or IOS smartphone user and want to see 360 videos in a VR headset by connecting with your phone? then read this article completely.

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How to Watch 360 Youtube Videos in VR

how to watch 360 youtube video in vr

There is an easy method to install your phone in a VR headset and you can watch videos 360 from youtube in your VR headset or you can also watch 360 Downloaded videos by using a 360 video player.

Do you want to watch VR videos in VR Box? If you don’t know how to set up your phone with a VR headset then read these steps given below and implement them one by one.

Step 1Open Youtube application on your Phone
Step 2Search 360 Videos and play any 360 videos.
Step 3You will see a VR option in the video (given above image)
Step 4Click on that VR button and make your video VR Headset
Step 5Then remove the mobile slot from your VR Headset
Step 6Fix your mobile on that slot
Step 7Again add a plugin that slots in your VR Box

With the help of this method, you can watch Youtube 360 videos in VR Glasses and if you want to watch downloadable 360 videos then read method, here I have told you How you can watch 360 offline videos in your VR headset.

How to Watch 360 Video in Android using VR

how to watch 360 youtube video in vr

If you have a Download 360 video and now you want to watch that video in VR then you need to download a VR player application from the Playstore if you are an android user otherwise from the app store if you are an IOS user.

First, you need to Download 360 Offline Videos on your Android Phone then you need to select and install a VR player application from the play store, then you can use fix your mobile phone in a VR headset and watch the 360 Videos.

How to Watch 360 Videos on PC

how to play 360 videos on PC

There are many ways to watch 360 videos on your PC but in this article, I will show you the easiest ways to play 360 videos on your computer.

  1. So for Watch 360 videos, you need to download VLC 3.0 version on your computer, If you want to see 360 videos then Download VLC 3.0 version. AFter Download and installing you need to just play a downloaded video and you would see 360 video.
  2. If you have letest creator update windows 10, then you can use the default windows movies and photo viewing app which has 360 degree capability.

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