How to Install Android Apps from Computer

how to install android apps from PC

If you looking to Install Apk on Android using your Computer then this is the right place to find out How to install Apk on Android from PC and here can also learn how to install apk on android from mac.

Are you bored by installing apps and apk on your phone daily and now want to learn something new how to install Apk on Android from PC then read this article completely, In this, I have told how you can install Apk in your android with the help of your computer.

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How to Install APK on Android from PC

Now I will tell you how you will be able to install apps from your computer to your Android, So just follow the Steps –

Step 1 – Add a Gmail Account to your Computer

First of all, you have to open a Gmail account in your computer which is verified with your number. So follow the steps for add a Gmail Account in your Computer –

  • Open a Browser on your Computer
  • Type in Search bar Gmail Sign up and Enter
  • Open the First site and type your Gmail address and Password.
  • And your Gmail account will be added to your computer.

Step 2 – Add Same Gmail Account to your Android

Then, you have to open same Gmail account in your Android Phone which was previously added to your computer. So just follow the steps for add same Gmail Account in your Android –

  • Open Any Google Application ( Google Play Store )
  • Then Go to the menu and click on Add Account.
  • Type Gmail address and password
  • And your Gmail account will be added to your Android Phone.

Step 3 – Install any app or game in your computer

Now I will tell you how you will install Android games or Apk in your computer, but it will not be installed in your computer and will be directly installed on your Android phone.

  • First, Open a Browser in your Computer
  • Type in Search Bar Google Play Store and Enter
  • Open First Website of Google Play Store
  • Then click on Install for install any Apk
  • After installation is complete.

After the installation is complete, you will see that whatever apk you installed on your computer is not installed in your computer. but It has been installed in your Android phone because both your Android phone and computer are connected to the same Gmail account.

So in this way you can install any APK on Android from PC.

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