Setup Your Virtual Lab 2022 || Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux

setup your virtual lab for ethical hacking

Kali Linux Setup – If you looking for how to install VMware and install inside kali Linux then this is the right place to find out Kali Linux penetration testing and ethical hacking.

The first section in this course will be how to set up our lab the lab is divided into two different parts.

We have a virtual lab that will be installed on your P.C. and this will be a VMWare player that has kali Linux Nethunter.

And also we need to uninstall our Android platform and were going to do that in two different lectures.

So let’s start by setting up Kali Linux in the virtual machine on our computer. As the first part of the lab setting.

How to Download Kali Linux||Kali Linux Nethunter

Ethical Hacking using Kali linux

First, you need to install Kali Linux software. And you can Google it time download Kali Linux next year.

And you can go to the official Web site which is Kali Linux a candidate. penetration testing with Kali Linux

You go there and you will find different Kali Linux for 64 or 32-bit virtual machines or virtual harddrive.

So what you’re going to do is going to install the 32 bit, kali by offensive security

It doesn’t matter, the operating systems that you have on your machine may have an operating system that is 64-bit it doesn’t matter because after all, you going to install this image inside the virtual machine.

So I want to do this to download the Kali Linux next 32 bit that is different. wait for downloading you’re gonna click on ISO. And as you can see you’re gonna start downloading that.

It’s around 3GB but I’m sorry I already downloaded so I will save you time and this is a Kali Linux.

How to install VMware Player for Kali Linux

Ethical Hacking using KAli linux

The second step is to download and install a virtual machine or VMWare player so you can do the same.

You can go to Download VMware player and its free software. And if you were one of my enrolled students most probably you went through that before too. You don’t need to repeat such steps so you go to.

You can go to the official website and you can download the latest version. This is a VMware player they have version 12 right now.

So you just download it player for Windows 64 for Linux. offensive security Kali Linux

since we have windows you can download this one and install it.

So those are the first two software that you need to install after installing the VMware player.

How to Use VMware Workstation

once you install a VMware player you download it and install it it will look like this.

So he opens it VMware player and when it has been having been installed the first time you should not find any images on the left bench.

So this one should be empty but since mine is an old one and I did install many virtual machines inside that’s why I have a lot of entry here.

But in your case, if you just install the VMware player it should be empty.

How to run Kali Linux Inside Your Vmware Workstation.

So now we need to set up Kali Linux inside your virtual machine player so you go to create a new virtual machine.

And you choose the last option which is I will install the operating system later and you click on Next.

Were going to choose from here which operating system in our case it will be Linux and from the menu here you should choose our two-point six kernels and you click on next.

Then you can give him here any name can name it.

and I usually suggest saving the virtual image in any drive except C because most probably it will increase and it will fill the drive.

And if the C drive gets full-filled you’d start having problems so in my case I’m gonna have an external hard drive I’m gonna install it on this external hard drive and you click on Next.

It’s better to increase it a little bit maybe 12 or 15 and finish.

So now as you can see we’ve created the virtual machine. Except it’s empty. It’s like you bought a computer that doesn’t have an operating system.

So if you power on nothing will stop.

But before installing the clinics inside you need to go to sit and you need to set up your virtual machine.

This is like you are creating virtual machines that are taking resources from your physical machine.

Need Configuration

Ethical Hacking using KAli linux

So what I need to do first when it comes to memory instead of 1 3 instead of 256 which is a very very low amount of memory you need to increase.

I’ll make it too because I have 16 GB but it depends on how much memory you have on your computer.

So if you only have four or two I think 1 GP will be okay.

Then you should go to the sitting room and usually is the default setting will be his using the physical right.

So you need to change that and you need to change. I’m gonna use an iso image and you need to point out that we download the Kali Linux iso image from the official Web site.

So you go there for me I did see the image on the H drive in a folder called ISO.

So first you need to change the memory. Then you need to go to the city DVD and point to the ISO image that you downloaded from the official website.

Install Kali Linux In your Virtual Box

start you vmware

Now you set to go to launch the Kali Linux virtual machine and to install the Kali Linux ones in such a virtual machine.

So we can right-click on it and you can power on them.

Once you get that you will get a different option here.

So what you’re gonna do you’re going to choose to install a graphical interface so you go to install graphical Linux.

You can run it as a life C.D. but this will actually be temporary so whenever you shut down the computer it would remove whatever you created so you need to go to the installation but graphically install it.

So you need to go to this one and click on enter.

I’ll guide you until it starts installation but the process usually takes around 45 minutes.

This is a straightforward installation just like Windows. And once he finishes installation Im gonna show you how to increase a screen side aside so it will not disturb you.

How to Setup Your Kali Linux inside Workstation || penetration testing with kali

first thing is asking about the language so its English unless you need to change it.

he’s asking about your location.

Also, the option could be changed later on but you know let’s keep the fourth right now.

So he’s now starting and checking the configuration and loading the component for the installation.

Now, what is the computer name you can keep the default Kali, or if you need to change it to domain name keep it empty?

Nothing at all.No input will be given from your site except this step where you need to add the root password.

This is mandatory is not optional.

So you can put whatever password you want twice and this will be the root password root in Linux.

If you are not aware of that. It’s like an administrator in Windows.

Login an account

So when you add a road account or log in as the root on your system you can have full access to it.

and everything still the same timing checking the disk.

so he can see that you going to use the entry disk and everything will be deleted.

But this will be the virtual disk.

So you don’t have to worry about your physical disk. This is completely different.

You can use this drive fine and all file will be deleted.No problem.

finish partitioning and change to this.

Partition disk writes the partition to the disk.This option is better to choose yes and he start copying the file.

This will take time maybe 30 minutes 45 minutes append about the amount of memory you allocated for this disk.

So he finishes installing that I’m going to show you how to log in and change it.

So he almost finishes the installation.

Choose options for setup your Kali Linux

He’s asking you if you need to install the network mirrors etc. An excellent tool so you should keep it.

Click on continue. And this is if you are working behind the proxy. Right now we are not so it keeps the default and were going to post it one more time.

Another question about the bootloader also and it keeps a default.

You notice that we are keeping the default in most of the options Only things that need input from your side like a password or something like that.

You have to write some down just when you choose the second one. And almost the Third and final installation is completed.

So let’s continue finalizing the process. Just a few seconds more installation has been completed and the machine has been restarted automatically.

And now we’re going to wait until it starts and log in and make sure that Kali Linux is working fine next lecture.

Modify the Desktop in Kali Linux

I’m gonna show you how to modify the desktop or Ill change the resolution sitting in a comfortable way uh for you.

So let’s wait the first time it may take some time. until we finish loading but then it will be much more faster than that.Here you go.

He’s asking about a user name that is the root and later on if you need to create another user I’m gonna show you how to do that.

But most probably you don’t need root and the password that you did assign while we were in installing Kali Linux and the first step is completed now.

So first step is to download the VMware player and download the Kali Linux machine and then and create a virtual machine and install Kali Linux inside.

Let’s wait until it load and then next lecture I’m going to show you how to change some configuration so it will be more suitable.

And yeah. Here you go. So Kali linux is up and running now.

This is the menu also option out there and you can open a terminal but definitely, you know it’s kind of small.

The resolution needs to be changed so this is what will be doing in the next lecture.

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