What Are The Differences Between Kali Linux and Kali Linux Lite?

which is best kali linux vs kali linux lite

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So If you are a Linux user and steel confused to use Kali Linux or Lite then read this is article completely, In this, I will show you the Difference Between Kali Linux and Lite Version.

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DIfference Between Kali Linux vs Kali Linux Lite

Kali LinuxKali Linux Lite
Kali Linux Debian-based Linux Distribution.Kali Linux Lite is also Debian-based.
The minimum RAM requirement is 4 GB.2 GB RAM is Enough to install It.
It has 600+ pre-installed toolsIt has some 10 to 15 basic tools
It is used for Pen testing or Ethical Hacking.It is used for low system computers.

Which is the Best Kali Linux or Kali Linux Lite

If you are a Professional Programmer or Developer and want to learn Ethical Hacking or Pen Testing then you should use Kali Linux operating system, because Kali Linux Lite had only some basic tools and you can’t use this lite version for Penetration Testing.

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