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what is klms agent in sumsung phone

If you looking for KLMS Agent then this is the right place to find out What is KLMS Agent on your Android Phone and here you will also learn that Can You Install KNOX security on Your Mobile and I will explain to you How you Can Trust on KNOX.

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If you are an Android user and you like to learn something new on an Android device then you will definitely like to install and use different types of applications on your mobile. But do you know that if you install various types of unknown applications on Android, then your personal data or your information can be stolen through these applications?

In such a situation, if you are a businessman or you have important data on your mobile, then installing any unknown application can be dangerous for you. So if you want to avoid such a situation that no unknown application can steal your personal data, then read this article.

What is KLMS Agent

what is klms agent

The KLMS agent is an Advance level of Security for Samsung’s users’ Android Platform known as KNOX. This is a security of Samsung phone which keeps your privacy, information, or data safe by giving an extra level of security, and this feature is also found in many devices like Samsung’s phone, tablet, watch and etc.

Knox is not a new technology, Samsung has been developing it for many years and in today’s time, it has become the most powerful security of Android phones. This is not a third-party application that everyone can install on their phones, it is a pre-installed software only in new and limited Android phones.

How We Can Truest on KNOX || Is KLMS Agent Spyware

How you can trust on klms agent
  • In October 2014, NSA (National Security Agency, USA) approves Samsung Knox devices for government use.
  • DISA (Defence Information Security Agency,USA) is also using KNOX security.
  • BSI, Germany is also using KNOX security.
  • Samsung KNOX win best mobile innovation for building Trust in the digital Age at MWC.

Now you must have understood how you can trust Samsung Knox because big organizations also use it, many military companies also use this security. So we can say with certainty that it is not a spyware application.

Can I Install and use Samsung KNOX Manually?

Can I Install and use Samsung KNOX Manually?

If you have the same question in your mind can you install KNOX security on your mobile and use it, then the answer is NO, you cannot install it on your mobile later. Because this is not a third-party application, this security is already pre-installed in mobile, so you cannot install it separately.

Samsung KNOX is not just a pre-installed application, but Samsung has integrated this software with the Android hardware. So you cannot use it separately by installing it on an Android device.

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