Top 20 Funny Commands of Linux or Kali Linux top most funny commands

Kali Linux Funny Commands

Top 20 Kali Linux Commands For Fun || Pro Developer

Are you a computer user and you are interested in hacking, then you must have heard about Kali Linux. Kali Linux is an operating system in which you already get the tools to perform hacking.

If you do not know what is the operating system, then click on the link given below. And if you want to install Kali Linux on your computer, click on the second link.

  1. What is the operating system?
  1. How to install Kali Linux operating system.

In today’s post, I will tell you some funny commands of Kali Linux, by which you can surprise your friends.

1. Command: sl (Steam Locomotive)

If you have already used Windows or used kali Linux, then you must have used the “ls” command in CMD or terminal, whose job is to show the files inside a folder.

But our command is not “ls”, it is “sl”, you must have understood the use of ls, so let’s use the “sl” command to see what the result is. First of all, you have to install the “sl” package, type to install –

Type – ” sudo apt-get install sl ” and hit Enter.

Type – ” sl “

sl command in kali linux
sl command

2. Command: figlet

This command shows your typed text in a different format.

Type – ” sudo apt-get install figlet “

Type – ” figlet Hello”

figlet command for kali linux
figlet command

3. Command: pi

” pi ” displays the value of mathematical constant PI to any no of decimal figures.

Type – ” pi 25 “

4. Command: factor

” factor ” gives the factors of a Number.

Type – ” factor 25 “

factor command
factor command

5. Command: xeyes

” xeyes ” command will display eyes which will follow your cursor

Type – ” sudo apt-get install xeyes “

Type – ” xeyes “

xeyes command for kali linux
xeyes command

6. Command: yes

” yes ” command will generate an infinite sequence of text until you stop it.

Type – ” sudo apt-get install yes “

Type – ” yes i love Linux “

yes command for kali linux
yes command

7. Command: banner

” banner ” command will display large text banner

Type – ” sudo apt-get install banner “

Type – ” banner Hello “

8. Command: toilet

” toilet ” command lets you display large characters.

Type – ” sudo apt-get install toilet “

Type – ” toilet Hello “

toilet command

9. Command: toilet -f mono12 -f metal

it can be used to display colourful characters too.

Type – ” toilet -f mono12 -f metal Hello “

10. Command: fortune

” fortune ” command will give you random fortune.

Type – ” sudo apt-get install fortune “

Type – ” fortune “

11. Command: cmatrix

” cmatrix ” will make your terminal look like some hacker.

Type – ” sudo apt-get install cmatrix “

Type – ” cmatrix “

cmatrix command for kali linux

12. Command: apt-get moo

This command will display a cow.

Type – ” sudo apt-get install moo “

Type – ” apt-get moo “

13. Command: screenfetch

” screenfetch ” command displays the OS symbol and system details.

Type – ” sudo apt-get install screenfetch “

Type – ” screenfetch “

screenfetch command in kali linux
screenfetch command

14. Command: espeak

What if your computer spoke?

” espeak ” command will speak whatever you write.

Type – ” sudo apt-get install espeak “

Type – ” espeak hello my name is ………….. “

15. Command: oneko

” oneko ” will display a cat chasing you mouse cursor.

Type – ” sudo apt-get install oneko “

Type – ” oneko “

16. Command: while true; do echo “$(date ‘+%D %T’ | toilet -f term -F border –gay)”; sleep 1; done

This command to display the current date & time in an unique colourful way.

17. Command: aafire

” aafire ” command to display the ASCll version of fire.

Type – ” sudo apt-get install aafire “

Type – ” aafire “

18. Command: bb

” bb ” command change the options as desired.

Type – ” sudo apt-get install bb “

Type – ” bb “

bb command
bb command

19. Command: cowsay

” cowsay ” command will display a cow.

Type – ” sudo apt-get install cowsay “

Type – ” cowsay “

20. Command: telnet

The telnet command displays star wars character and some robots.

Type – ” sudo apt-get install telnet “

Type – ” telnet “

telnet command

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