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minecraft hacks for windows 10

Minecraft windows 10 hacks – If you looking for Minecraft Hacks in Windows 10 then this is the right place to find out the Minecraft Hacking tips in Windows.

Are you a gamer and you like Minecraft and you want a free version of Minecraft as well as want to know Minecraft hacks in windows then this post is for you in this post I will tell you the hacks of Minecraft.

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10 Minecraft Better Ways to Use Your Inventory | Minecraft windows 10 hacks

In this post, I present you all 10 ways to manage your inventory in Minecraft, I hope you’ve enjoyed let’s go ahead and get straight into this. Minecraft windows 10 hacks

1. Get your stack of items faster

If you are taking your diamonds from the chest then a faster way of getting all of your diamonds out of the chest is to just simply double click on one the diamonds and you will get every single diamond in that chest inside of your stack.

2. Throwing items faster

Okay so first of all you do not want to spawn at the cue and you also don’t want to go into your inventory and drag the stock out, the correct way to throw your stock out very quickly is to ‘press ctrl + Q‘ this will basically throw the entire stack out of your inventory without having to drag it.

3. Quick item Stack in Creative

If you want to have a 64 stack of arrows in each dispenser but you want to do it quickly, all you have to do is middle mouse click on the single arrow in your inventory and it will create a stack each time.

4. Quick Way move items

This is a pretty old one but surprisingly a lot of people do not know it, so pretty much you can move your items in and out of chest right but you can also do it in a faster way by just simply shift and clicking on the item and it will instantly move it to chest rather than you having to drag in.

5. Get rid of items quick

you want some diamonds so you don’t keep dying, So just shift and left-click on the creative X to delete all of your items.

6. Easy way to divide items

This inventory trick is a very useful one for builders so what you don’t want to do is pretty much just right-click in the for individual slots to place down stone, you can actually hold down the left click and pretty much just go to the four slots in the crafting table and it will equally divide the stacks so you can craft as many stone bricks as you want.

7. Equipping Armor Fast

Some people to this day still drag their armor into the armor slots this is not how you’re supposed to do it, you can either shift-click the armor into the honest thoughts all you can right-click with the armor in your Hotbar to basically equip it automatically.

8. Keep inventory on death

i’m almost positive that you feel extremely annoyed when you die and lose all of your stuff in Minecraft but if you use the keep inventory true command in Minecraft and you will actually keep all of your staff inside of your inventory even if you die.

9. Quick item Delete

This next inventory trick is very helpful for people that are building in creative so say you are building something in creating in creative mode and you need a lot of materials but you’re just bothered by the fact that you have loads of items in your Hotbar and you want to replace them with some other ones, just simply press Q on the item and it will delete it instantly.

10. Take any block around you

The Final inventory trick, we have on our list is going to be for creative mode as well so say you want to get the nearest block around you into your inventory you can actually do that in creative mode you just need to simply middle-click on the block you want that surround you and it will be put into your inventory, so say there’s a grass block on the ground you can just middle click on it and it will be placed into your inventory pretty.

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