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How to Move Old Hard-Drive to New Computer

Putting Harddisk in a New PC – Are you a Computer user and Buy a New Computer, but you don’t want to install Windows on New PC, then you can move your old Hard-Drive to New Computer.

So read this article completely, In this, I have told you How you can Move your Old Hard-Drive to a New Computer.

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How to Putting old Harddisk in a New Computer

If you don’t want to reinstall a new Windows on your New Computer then you can Move your Old Harddisk to a New Computer, So Now I will tell you how you can add your old hard disk to a New Computer.

  • First, open your Old Computer
  • Then remove unpluged all plugs from your Harddisk
  • And remove your Harddrive completely from your Computer
  • Then open your New Computer
  • Add your Harddrive on the Harddisk place
  • Then you need to add two plugs in your HDD
  • Add two cables SATA and ATA
  • After adding these cables you can start your Computer.

In this way, you can easily be Putting your old Harddrive to New a Computer.

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