What is Piracy and Disadvantage of Using Pirated Windows ?

what is pirated windows

If you want to know Pirating on Windows 10 then this is the right place to find out that What is Pirated Windows & Software and here you will also learn Disadvantage of Using Pirated Windows or Software.

If you are a Computer user then you must have used the Windows operating system but do you know that you use a Pirated Windows and There is no Restriction on this.

Read this article complete, because In this, I have told you all about that What is Pireted Windows and some disadvantage of using Pirated Windows.

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What is Pirated Windows || Pirating on Windows 10

pirating on windows 10 | disadvantage of using pirated windows

In simple language, Pirated Windows means that a Copy version of Windows looks similar to Microsoft Windows. A report has shown that 91% of people in India use Pirated windows and even Microsoft doesn’t stop it.

Because if you want to use original Microsoft Windows then you have to buy this which costs around $140 (USD), But if you use pirated Windows, then you have to spent only $5 to $8 for this.

What is the Disadvantage of Using Pirated Windows?

pirating on windows 10 | disadvantage of using pirated windows

If you use pirated Windows then you may see problems like this in your computer or we can also say Disadvantage of using pirated Windows.

  • In Pirated Windows, Virus, Malware, and Spywares are Pre-Installed
  • Pirating Windows is illegal.
  • Your system starts to hang
  • Your system performance speed becomes very slow
  • your system may crash
  • Your computer may have a virus
  • A hacker can easily hack your computer with Windows Spyware.

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