RAM vs Processor | Difference Between RAM and Processor

ram vs processor

RAM vs Processor – If you looking for the difference between RAM and Processor then this is the right place to find out What is the RAM & Processor and Which can give you the Best Performance on your Android or Computer.

Are you an Android or Computer user and want to buy a new Android or Computer, Most of the people check their RAM and processor before buying a device that the device you are buying will be Good for them or not, but do you know RAM vs Processor?

So read this article completely, because In this I have told you about Difference Between RAM and Processor and here you will also learn that How you check that Which RAM or Processor is Good for you.

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What is RAM

ram vs processor

RAM stand for Random Access Memory, RAM is a Internal Memory of Computer for storing DATA Program and result of Program, A CPU can read DATA from RAM and write DATA to RAM. It is used to store DATA and Instruction while it is being Executed. RAM is also called a Primary Memory of Main Memory.

What is Processor

ram vs processor

The Processor is a Chip responsible for calculations it makes all the logic al decision which are basically all the tasks your Computer does from the simply thing as operating a Windows to the must complex like.

Processor, understanding the interpretation between the hardware and software in the computer and process it gives us output, we also know the processor by the name of CPU and it is installed inside the device like mobile, computer and tables.

Difference Between RAM and Processor

The processor is a very important part of the computer because in the computer, all the activity happening in the computer is with the processor, it can perform a calculation 1000 times faster.

RAM is a Internal Memory of ComputerProcessor is the Processing Unit of Computer
RAM can Read & Write the DATA of ComputerProcessor takes user’s input and gives output
RAM – 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB Processor – Single-Core, Dual-Core, Quad-Core
You can Upgrade RAM You can’t Upgrade Processor
You can use Multiple RAM in 4 SlotsYou can use only one Processor in a Computer

RAM vs Processor Speed

ram vs processor

RAM – If you are learning computer or do office work or you want to take a mobile then you can use 4 GB RAM in your device, But if you do video editing or professional graphic designing on your computer, then you can use 8 GB RAM or more for Faster Speed.

Processor – If you are learning Computer or do office work, then you can buy a Dual-Core Processor, But if you do Video Editing, Professional Graphic Designing or High graphic Gaming then you must use Quad-Core or Octa-Core Processor for Faster Speed.

RAM vs Processor for Gaming

ram vs processor

If you are a Gamer then you should take minimum 4Gb RAM Mobile and for Computer you should take minimum 8GB RAM and Quad-Core Processor for a Good Gaming Performance. You can also use More RAM and Processor for Faster Gaming Experiense.

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