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sata vs ssd

SATA vs SSD – If you looking for the difference between SATA and SSD then this is the right place to find out the Best drive for you SATA or SSD.

Are you a Computer user and want to know the difference between SATA and SSD?

So read this article completely, because In this I have told you about SATA vs SSD and here you will also get Difference Between SATA and SSD.

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Difference Between SATA vs SSD

SATA has maximum lifspan is 5 to 10 yearsSSD has maximum lifspan is 20 to 30 years.
SATA has maximum speed is 30 to 120MB/secSSD has maximum speed is 200 to 600MB/sec
SATA used more power than SSDSSD used less power than SATA
SATA is cheap than SSDSSD is more expensive than SATA
SATA has maximum storage capacity is 12GbSSD has maximum storage capacity is 30GB

SATA vs SSD Speed

SATA – You get SATA normally in every computer and most of the people use it because its price is not high and but it is not able to give a Good Speed to your computer.

SSD – If you want to use SSD in your computer, then you can buy it separately. It is more expensive than sata in price and in this you get to see sata very fast speed.

SATA vs SSD Price

250 GB – 3,500/-1 TB – 3,999/-
500 GB – 5,300/-2 TB – 5,500/-
1 TB – 13,300/-3 TB – 7,500/-
2 TB – 19,200/-5 TB – 9,200/-

SATA vs SSD for Gaming

If you are looking for a good Drive to improve your gaming experience then this is the right place to find out a Good Drive for Gaming.

I recommend you that you should use SSD because SSD is more faster than SATA, If you are using SATA Drive then you will don’t get a Good Gaming performance but If you will use SSD then your gaming experience will Improved.

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