How to Setup Your Hacking Lab 2021 || Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux Os

setup your virtual lab

Setup your Hacking Lab – if you looking for How to set up your virtual lab For performing Ethical Hacking then this the right place to find out install kali Linux on VMWare Workstation Pro.

During the section were going to explain how to set up your Lab for cyber security & ethical hacking.

Now you have two different ways to set up your Lab for Kali Linux penetration testing and ethical hacking .

You can do your own lab and I’m going to guide you step by step on how to install Kali Linux.

Setup Your Virtual Lab || hacking course online

How to install different windows virtual machine trial versions and how to set up a virtual lab.

Or you can use my own virtual machine and I will suggest that because to install the Kali Linux machine from my virtual lab it’s already configured.

All the bugs have been fixed and all the script I used are included.

So I prefer that you build your lab the same way I did but drives the option. So during this lecture,

I’m going to show you how to build your lab the same way I did and the upcoming lecture will explain how to build it from scratch. In case you need to build your own lab.

Now what I’m going to do once you enroll is, of course, all links below to download all the images Kali Linux Windows Image the web application image all of them.

So what will happen is you will download them.

Download Kali Linux Operating System

Download VMWare Workstation

I will send you both links and once you download them you can right-click on them and you first you have to put them in a folder and make sure that you have enough space.

I mean do not add them on the C drive.

Extract the Kali Linux || ethical hacking websites

Then you can put them on an external hard drive right-click on each one of those and click on extract.

what you need to do before extracting the file you need to make sure that you have the VMWare installed.

This is a free program just google it Download the VMWare player and its free.

Setup your virtual lab ||How to Install Kali Linux on Mac Os

You’ll be able to download it if you have a Mac machine you can install VMWare fusion which is a Mac version of the VMWare.

So again you can download this file and they usually are compressed so you’re going to go to each one of those right-click on it and click on extract.

Once you extract this for this file it would be extracted on the same folder by the same name.

So this one once it’s extracted this is on Kali Linux the Windows Server the Windows 7 the client Operating Systems of them you got to do the same.

Access Kali Linux on Vmware Workstation || operating system Kali Linux

Then once you extract all of them you go to the virtual machine player and the if this is new to.

I mean if you just install the virtual machine this left pen will be empty.

So you’re going to go to open a virtual machine and then you’re going to point to the location of the virtual machines that you downloaded and extract it.

So in my case for instance I downloaded all of them into a folder named Kali Linux from a to z here

And this is the Kali Linux and you will find the file here.

You click on it then you click on open and it will show on your left pen and then you can right-click on it

And you can open it and you can do the same for the remaining virtual machine.

So you can open the client windows 7, windows server whatever you want.

And according to that you’ll be building an app that is similar to mine and you can test all attacks.

Next lecture, I’m going to show you how to build your own lab and create your own workspace from scratch.

This is in case you need to install the windows not importing a virtual machine but installing a virtual machine into the VM work player Setup Your Hacking Labhow it’s done and all the steps.

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