How to Make Shulker Box in Minecraft || Shulker Box Recipe

how to make shulker box in minecraft

If you looking for Shulker Box Recipe or Shulker Shell Recipe then this is the place to find out how to make a Shulker box in Minecraft.

Do you use Minecraft but you do not know how to make a Shulker box or if you are having problems making it, then you do not have to worry now.

Because in this post i will show you that How to craft and use Shulker box in minecraft java edition.

So if you enjoy Minecraft tutorials, gameplay, and all kinds of other minecraft releted then read it carefully.

How to make a Shulker Box

The first thing we need to make a shulker box is shulker shells, and we get shulker shells by killing shulker

Note: Shulker is a mob in Minecraft, that you will find in the end city, only after killing it you will get the Shulkar Shells, which can make it a Shulker box.

Where to find Shulker

Shulker Box Recipe

This is the same place given in the photo where you will get shulker and here you can make shulker box by killing shulker.

actually, this is the end city of the game, You will reach here after killing the dragon.

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