How to Make Shulker Box in Minecraft || Shulker Box Recipe

How to Make Shulker Box in Minecraft

If you looking for Shulker Box Recipe or Shulker Shell Recipe then this is the place to find out how to make a Shulker box in Minecraft.

Are you playing Minecraft but do not know how to make a Shulker box if you are having problems making it, then you do not have to worry now.

Because in this post I will show you How to craft and use the Shulker box in Minecraft java edition.

So if you enjoy Minecraft tutorials, gameplay, and all kinds of other Minecraft related then read it carefully.

How to make a Shulker Box

How to Make Shulker Box in Minecraft

To make a shulker box in Minecraft first you need to collect some materials then you can make shulker box by following my steps, So first collect these materials:

  • 1 Shulker Shell
  • 8 Wooden Planks, Stone Slabs, Cobblestone Slabs, Sandstone Slabs, Bricks, Quartz Blocks, Purpur Blocks, or Nether Bricks.

After collecting all these materials you can make a shulker box in Minecraft by following these steps:

  • Open a crafting table to bring up the 3×3 crafting grid.
  • Place the Shulker Shell in the center box of the grid.
  • Place the wooden planks, stone slabs, cobblestone slabs, sandstone slabs, bricks, quartz blocks, purpura blocks, or nether bricks in the remaining boxes of the crafting area.
  • The Shulker Box will appear in the result box.
  • Move the Shulker Box to your inventory.

Note: To use the Shulker Box, simply place it on the ground and right-click it to open its inventory.

Where to find Shulker

How to Make Shulker Box in Minecraft

Shulkers can be found in End Cities, which are structures that generate naturally in the End dimension of Minecraft. They are typically found in large towers made of End Stone Bricks and Purpur blocks, and they can be recognized by their unique shape and movement.

To reach an End City, you first need to defeat the Ender Dragon in the End and then travel to one of the outer islands. Once there, you can explore the various towers in search of Shulkers.

Keep in mind that Shulkers can be difficult to defeat and they shoot projectiles, so be prepared with weapons and armor. Additionally, they have the ability to teleport, making them a challenging opponent.

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