Shut Down Shortcut in Windows 7

shutdown shortcut windows 7

Shutdown Shortcut Windows 7 – If you looking for a Windows shutdown Shortcut then this is the right place to find out what is the Shutdown shortcut in Windows 7.

Are you a computer user and want to shutdown your computer with a shortcut, but do you know how you can create a shutdown shortcut in windows 7.

So read this article completely, In this I have told you that How you can shutdown your computer by using a shutdown shortcut.

So let’s get started !!

How to Create Windows Shutdown Shortcut in Windows 7

If you want to Shutdown your computer with a shortcut icon then follow my step because now I will tell you that How you can make a shutdown shortcut in windows 7.

  • First, right-click Blank Space on Desktop
  • Then select New > Shortcut option
  • Write this code in new pop-up windows
Shutdown.exe -s -t 00
  • After write this code
  • Simply click on Next button
  • Now the Sleep Shortcut of Windows 7 will created.

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