PS4 Lan Cable not Connected ||

ps4 lan cable not connected

If your PS4 Lan Cable is not Connected then this is the right place to find out how to connect PS4 lan cable and here after reading this article You can solve this problem “PS4 LAN cable internet connection failed“.

Are you a PS4 user and you like to play games, in that case, you use Wifi to play internet but if you want a fast internet connection then you should use PS4 Lan cable, But if you are a problem connecting to LAN cable that “PS4 Lan Cable not Connected“.

So don’t worry, because in this article I have told that if you are also facing the same problem then how you can connect PS4 Lan Cable easily and enjoy fast internet.

So Let’s get Started !!

How to Solve “PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected”

ps4 lan cable not connected

Now I will tell you how you can easily Connect PS4 Lan Cable to access fast internet, this problem is coming to many people from 4 – 5 years but but when those people are unable to solve it then they Access the internet only by using WIFI, which gives some speed less internet speed than the Lan Cable.

If you are also one of these people who are using the internet from Wifi only because of LAN cable not connected, Then now I will tell you how you can easily get fast gaming Experience by connecting PS4 Lan Cable, here you can It will also understand that if PS4 Cable is not Connecting then what could be the reason for this.

Solution 1 – Change DNS Settings on PS4

  • First, Go to “Settings” and click on “Network
  • In-Network, select “Set up Internet Connection” Option
  • Now If you are using Wifi and want to connect Lan, So select “LAN” Option
  • Then Select Lan Cable > Custom > Manual >
  • In Manual, you will see Two DNS, type These Numbers in DNS
    1. Primary DNS –
    2. Secondary DNS –
  • After this Click on, Next > Automatic > Do not Use
  • Then you will connect to PS4 Lan Cable

In this way you can easily connect PS4 Lan cable by changing DNS.

Solution 2 – Set up a Static IP Address for PS4

  • First, Go to Settings and click on “Network
  • In-Network, select “Set up Internet Connection” Option
  • Then Choose “Use a Lan Cable” Option
  • Then Select > Custom > Manual >

Now you have to enter your IP address; keep in mind that you don’t have to enter the exact IP, enter the first three numbers of your IP address and choose any number from 2 to 255 as your last number. Once you enter the IP, enter the Subnet Mask, and Default gateway that you copied earlier.

  • Then click on Next > Automatic > Do not Use
  • Then you will connect to PS4 Lan Cable

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