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Spear Phishing vs Phishing – If you looking for a Difference between Phishing and Spear Phishing or what is the difference between Spear Phishing vs Phishing, then this is the right place to find out all differences that what is Phishing attacks and What is Spear Phishing.

If you are a programmer or learning hacking then you must have heard about a phishing attack and Spear Phishing, and maybe you also know how to do a phishing attack, but if you do not know what is the difference between Spear Phishing vs Phishing. Then read the article completely.

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Note – The purpose of this article is not to promote any wrong activity or hacking, it has been written only for educational purposes so that students or people who want to know it will be informed about it.

Difference Between – Spear Phishing vs Phishing

PhishingSpear Phishing
The link of the fishing attack is sent to the unlimited Victims.The link of the Spear Phishing attack is sent to a specific person or organization.
Its job is to steal the passwords of social accounts and bank cards of more and more people.Its job is to steal information such as passwords of servers and bank cards of a specific person or organization.
The Phishing attack can only be cracked by a duplicate webpage.Spear Phishing attacks can be done by an entire duplicate website or by any application.
The Phishing attack is an automated attackA Spear Phishing attack is a manual attack.
The phishing attack is done only for moneyA spear-phishing attack can also be the reason for knowing the secrets of an organization.

Spear Phishing vs Phishing emails

spear phishing vs phishing attack email

Phishing Attack – Basically Phishing attack can be done by a Web-page, Which could be a duplicate page of Offers, Lottery, or any Bank Account page.

A hacker sends you by email, fake messages, and email. And the hacker sends this attack to unlimited people, and when someone clicks on the link sent to him and performs anything, the information reaches the hacker.

Spear Phishing – Spear Phishing can also be done with a duplicate web page, a website, or a company’s fake application. Because it is done to steal information or data of a specific person or person organization.

Spear Phishing vs Phishing with Example

Phishing Attack

A hacker, in a Phishing attack sends many offer or lottery-related messages to about 100 to 1000 people, in which the peoples are told that you are the winner of a company or something, then they send them to a webpage by a link, where they have to fill the relevant information from their bank

And if a person types their information there like account number, credit card password, etc. then all this data is automatically passed on to the hacker which can be dangerous for you. This is a type of Phishing Attack.

Spear Phishing

In this case, a hacker targets a person and performs a spear-phishing attack on him. In this attack, the hacker sends a duplicate page to his Victim and collects his information.

For Example – The hacker creates a web page that looks like Facebook, then sends a message to Victim and then tells that “if you want to increase a lot of follows on your account or increase likes on your posts, click on the link and log in“.

Then if his Victim clicks on that link and logs in, then nothing will be what was said in the message, but the hacker gets to know the username and password of the Victim so that the hacker can go to his account and collect his information. That he talks to whom and what he talks and much more.

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