What is Termux || How do I set up Termux? || Is Termux and Kali Linux same?

In today’s post, you are going to know what is termux app and why it is used.

What is Termux app used for

what is termux app

If you are a computer or mobile user and you want to learn hacking but you do not have your own computer to perform hacking.

In such a situation, if you want to make your mobile a power full hacking device, then termux can do this work for you.

termux is a very powerful tool with the help of which you can learn hacking.

What is Termux app ||Is Termux and Kali Linux Same?

Termux is a small Android emulator that gives you an environment of Kali Linux. This provides you with the command line user interface.

If we want to install Kali Linux on our computer, then there should be a heavy processor, maximum size RAM for it.

If you dont know How to install Kali Linux then click here.

But not much is required for Termux, you can install Termux normally on your Android device. and you can do exactly the same thing as you do in “Kali Linux”.

is termux and kali linux same

Is Termux safe to use?

Meaning that you can perform ethical hacking by installing all the tools of Kali Linux in your mobile.

We can also call Termux a hacking tool because in it you can teach ethical hacking, you can also crack pen-testing.

If you still have not understood anything, then you can type comment.

So now let us go on the installation process of Termux, which should have what you have.

Requirement For Download Termux APK

To perform Termux on your Android device, there are some things require that you definitely need.

  • 4G Android Mobile Phone
  • Minimum 2GB RAM.
  • Minimum 2GB Storage.

So if you have all these things, then you can easily run Termux on your Android.

How do I set up Termux app? || Download Termux for Android

So now you will learn installing process of termux that how to install Termux on your mobile.

termux app on google playstore

So now whatever steps I will tell you, you have to follow a simple step-by-step.

  • First of all, you have to open Google Playstore on your Android and search by typing “termux“.
  • Then Termux Android application will come in front of you, you just have to install it.

The installation process was just this, in such a short time, your own Android device will install hacking tools named Termux.

After a simple install, you have to open it and whenever you open it for the first time, it will start downloading some Termux packages and Termux tools automatically.

Allow these files to be downloaded completely, if the internet is not connected then connect.

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