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how to remove thermal paste from cpu pins

If you want to know that How to remove Thermal paste from CPU pins then this is the right place to find out the answer to your Question that “Thermal Paste on CPU Pins“.

Are you a Computer user and also know about Computer Hardware, Now you have a problem that Thermal Paste on CPU Pins.

Now read this article completely, Because In this I have told you the easiest way that How you can Remove Thermal from CPU Pins.

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Remove Thermal Paste on CPU Pins

Now I will tell you the Easiest way to remove Thermal paste from CPU pins that you will be able to easily clean thermal paste from your CPU pins, So If you have also the same problem that Thermal Paste on CPU Pins the follo me step-by-step –

  • First, you need a Tooth Brust and some drops of Alcohol
  • Then Dip the Brush in a bit of Alcohol
  • Then slowly clean the pins of your cpu with Brush
  • And You will see that the thermal paste will start to remove from CPU Pins

In this way you can easily remove thermal paste from your cpu pins. But rub the pins slowly with the brush.

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