How to Track any Mobile Location using Kali Linux ||

how to track mobile location using kali linux

Track any mobile location – If you looking for Track any device location or Track a cell phone location for free then this is the right place to find out how to track someone’s location with a phone number


Have you forgotten where your mobile phone was kept or if your phone has fallen, then you must also be thinking –how can I track any mobile number or how to Track any mobile location?

And you will be searching for such keywords on Google, but do you know that there are many tricks on the Internet to track Android devices?

Most of them work when their application is installed on the front phone, the location is on or your sim card is installed. That device can only be tracked

Note: – If you want to know the ways of this too, then please tell in the comment box in the last.

To track a mobile, the location option must be turned on, but if the location of that mobile phone is not there, then you also can not do anything.

But the way I will tell you today, how do you track any device, then in this way, the location of the front phone will be also and We will also find out the exact location of the device.

Track any Mobile Location using Kali Linux

How to Track any Mobile Location using Kali Linux

So I will tell you the way that hackers prefer to do it.

I will tell you this method from Kali Linux, probably many people may not know what is “Kali Linux”.

Like some people run the Windows operating system for normal office work, Similarly, hackers use the “Kali Linux Operating System” to do their work.

If you don’t know what is Operating System then you can read this – What is an Operating System

If you really want to know how mobile is tracked by Kali Linux, then by reading this post completely, till the last you will understand how to track any mobile location.

How to track any mobile location using Kali Linux Operating System

How to Track any Mobile Location using Kali Linux
  • First of all, you have to have a laptop on which you will work on Kali Linux.
  • If you run Kali Linux on Windows, then you can use the VMWare workstation.
  • If you want to know how to install Kali Linux then click here.
  • Then you will have to install 2 pieces of software in your black Linux operating box, 1. Ngrok 2. Seeker.
  • And it is necessary to have an internet connection as well.

So let’s get Started !!

1. How to install “ngrok” on Kali Linux OS for Track any mobile location

Ngrok – Nagarock GitHub – 67 software is a Reverse proxy server that makes your localhost ( publicly accessible, Meaning that you give authority to access your local to publicly.

  • To install Ngrok Server, you have to go to any web and search “Ngrok”.
  • And then the software has to be downloaded from the official site of Ngrok.
  • After downloading, you have to right-click on Ngrok’s file and extract it.

  • Then you have to right click on its location and open the terminal.
  • After that, whatever I am telling you, he has to do step by step.
  • After the terminal is opened, type ” ls “.
  • With this command, all the files and folders in the download folder will appear in front of you..
  • then type- ” mv ngrok /usr/bin/
  • type -” sudo su “
  • then type your root paasword.
  • then type – ” ngrok “
  • and last step type -” ngrok http 8o “

You may not have understood what you have done, you have created a service with the commands you have given. Which you can send to any other person.

So let’s go to the next step to download “Seeker”.

2. How to install “Seeker” on Kali Linux VirtualBox for Track any mobile location

Seeker – According to Wikipedia, Seeker is a tool that tracks the activities of those services by adding them to a service.

  • To download Seeker, go to any web browser and search “”.
  • GitHub Basically is a tool where you can publish development projects or tools that you have created.
  • So on GitHub, we will get the Seeker tool already made, we will not have to be different.

  • After going to the official site of Github, search for “Seeker” in the search bar, and Seeker projects will come in front of you.
  • Click on the first result and open it and copy its URL (link).

  • Then open your terminal and Type step-by-step.
  • type – ” cd desktop “
  • then type – ” git clone paste URL ” Instead of the “paste URL”, you have to paste the copied link. , then hit enter.
  • type – ” cd seeker “
  • typr – ” ls -l “

  • then type – ” chmod +x “
  • type – ” sudo bash “
  • Then some time process will run, and you have to wait 10 minutes.
  • Then you have to run its python file.

  • then type – ” sudo ./
  • Then it will show an error as our service is currently offline.
  • So type – ” sudo ./ -t manual “
  • Then it will ask you to select the template, you can select any template and send it to Victim to track it.
  • I will create a port template in it.
  • So type – ” 0 “
  • Then the server service will start with an 8080 port template, which will track the activity of your Victam.
  • then Open a new Terminal
  • type – ” pwd “
  • then type – ” ls “
  • type – ” cd download “
  • type – ” ls “
  • then type – ” ./ngrok http 8080
  • In the last, you need to forward this link to your victim.

Track any phone using Kali Linux’s latest version

How to Track any Mobile Location using Kali Linux

If the lost mobile is yours, then you have to send this link to its Gmail, or else you can send it on any social media.

In the given image, I have sent this link on my mobile, and as soon as I open it, there is activity on my computer screen.

Now as soon as I clicked on Continue on my mobile, my location is turned on and the activity of my mobile is shown on my computer screen What is the exact location of the service where this service is running?

So in this way, you can track the exact current location of any device.

If you are a Confucian anywhere, what is Kali Linux or what is a terminal, then you can read the post below.

If you have not understood this in this entire article or want to ask something else, then you can tell in the comment.

If you liked the blog post, then in the comment you can tell me your problem, what you did not understand.

Thank you !!

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