The Simple Definition of Computer and some Type of Computer

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Definition of Computer

A Computer is an electronic machine that, after completing the work done by a human in a short period of time, gives him the result in the form of data, that is, a computer is an electronic machine that follows the work given by us. It has the capability to store, retrieve and process data.

” The Data Input Process by Computer User by

Output result are provided as “

The word computer is derived from the word “compute” in English which means “to calculate”. So it is clear that the computer is directly related to the calculating machine.

At present, its area has become very large, not limited to just counting. The computer is becoming important in every area of ​​our life due to its high storage capacity, speed, automation, efficiency, accuracy, universality, power of remembering.

Calculations can be done by the computer at a much faster pace over time. The results given by the computer are more accurate.

Nowadays computer is used everywhere like computer, school, college, airplane, bank, and hotels, etc. are used everywhere. All the work is happening more rapidly due to computer.

Hardware and Software

Before we talk about different types of computers, we know about 2 things which are normal in all computers: Hardware and Software.


Hardware is any part of your computer that includes physical communication, such as a keyboard or mouse. It also includes all the internal parts of the computer.

In simple language, all the parts of the computer that we can touch and see with our hands are called all the hardware, we can open our computer and touch all its parts, that is, every part inside the computer We will also call it hardware.


Software is any set of instructions that tells the hardware what to do and how to do it. Examples of software include web browsers, games and word processors etc.

In simple language, just like you run apps on your Android mobile phone, there are also apps in the computer which we call “computer software” or just “software”. Therefore, all the parts of the computer that we cannot touch with our hands and can only see them being accessed are called software.

Different types of Computer

When most people hear the word computer, they think of computers like desktops or laptops. However, computers come in many sizes, and they are used for a variety of tasks.

Desktop Computer

Desktop Computer

The work of a people is done by keeping the computer in only one place, such as in labs in schools, in hospitals, in homes, etc. These computers are designed to work in one place, which we call “desktop computer”.

Laptop Computer

Laptop Computer

A laptop computer is usually called a laptop. You can use a laptop computer anywhere, so business people use it more so that they can use it anywhere and anytime.

Tablets Computer

Tablet Computer

A tablet is a computer that is more portable than a laptop. Instead of a K-board and mouse, tablets use a touch-sensitive screen for typing and navigation.


A server is a computer that can pass information over the network to other computers. You can keep your data online in these servers as well as display that data on the Internet.

A person does a lot of work in his life but only remembers the important works, but the computer stores the data of all those who do the work so that it can be seen anytime when needed.

Operating system tutorial and types of operating systems

The operating system, which is also called “OS” in short,is a program that easily tells the computer in its own language what to do.

For example, I typed ‘Z’ on the K-board of the computer, then my “OS” coded from the computer and gave me my result ‘Z’ output.

read more……

Types of Opeating Systems

Windows 7 , 8 ,10 operatig system.

windows operating system

Perhaps you do not know that the Windows you work on has many parts, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

These are all different operating systems, most users use Windows 10, while some people use Windows 7 and Windows 8.

When Microsoft launched the first Windows for computers, its name was Windows XP.

Then when the second update of the same Windows came in 2007, its name became Windows 7.

Then when the next update of Windows 7 came in 2008, its name became Windows 8.

In the last and till now Windows has got another update in 2010 called Windows 10.

Users find it more appropriate to use Windows 10, as it is the latest version and new features are also available inside it.

But some still use Windows 7 or Windows 8, because some users’ computers support the old OS.

Kali Linux operating system

kali linux operating system

Kali Linux is an open source OS, whatever work you are unable to do on the

Windows operating system or the work that you are limited to do,

you can easily do all those things on the Linux OS. This is a safe operating system that is not tracked and never gets virus.

Those people use this operating system more like hacking.

if you want to download this So click here.

Mac Operating system

mac operating system

You must have heard the name of the Apple company, the Mac operating system is the operating system of the Apple company,

but not everyone can use this operating system because the Apple company has launched this OS only for those users Apple’s computer or laptop is used,

this operating system is used by those who do their work with full speed without any interruption, because this OS’s speed is very fast and it does not hang.

Summary Words

  • Definition of Computer
  • a computer is an electronic device.
  • The word computer is derived from the word “compute” in English.
  • The computer processes the data inputted by the user and provides the result as output.
  • Software is a set of instructions that tells the hardware what to do and how to do it.
  • Hardware is the part of your computer that includes physical communication.
  • A laptop is a battery-powered computer that is more portable than a desktop.
  • The tablet uses touch-sensitive screens for typing and navigation.

I think by now you must have understood exactly what the definition of Computer is.

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