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what is windows operating system

Operating Systems – If you want to know What is an Operating System then this is the right place to find out All details about an Operating System and here you will also learn about Types of Operating Systems.

Are you a new Computer user and want to know a perfect Operating System for you, but do you know What is an Operating System, How many Types of Operating systems, and Which operating system best for you?

So read this article completely, In this, I have told you all about an Operating System and some different types of Operating System and here you will also understand that which operating system best for you.

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What is an Operating System

how operating system work

An Operating System is a System Software that managed our Hardware & Software and provides us communication services with our own Computer, We can also call it ‘OS‘ in short, Operating System is a program that easily tells the computer in its own language what to do.

For example, I type ‘Z‘ on the keyboard then the computer will save that Z and then communicate from computer to binary codes will give me the ‘Z‘ result on the Desktop.

Some Type of Operating System

types of operating systems

Now I will tell you some most popular Operating systems, Which are used by most people in the world and from this article you can know which operating system will be good for you. so read this article completely and Find a Perfect Operating System for you.

Windows Operating System

what is windows operating system

Windows is a product of Microsoft, You must have heard the name of Windows OS, it is the most popular and used operating system in the World. Windows operating system is a very simple operating system that everyone likes to run and do their work easily.

Most people prefer to run Windows because Windows is the only operating system that is easy to use for any beginner and you also get Windows computers at a very cheap price. Here is some Windows Operating System Update.

  1. MS-DOS – Microsoft Disk Operating System (1981)
  2. Windows 1.02.0 (1985-1992)
  3. Windows 3.03.1 (1990 1994)
  4. Windows NT 3.1 (1993)
  5. Windows NT 3.5 (1994)
  6. Windows NT 3.51 (1995)
  7. Windows 95 (August 1995)
  8. Windows NT 4.0 (1996)
  9. Windows 98 (June 1998)
  10. Windows ME – Millennium Edition (September 2000)
  11. Windows 2000 (February 2000)
  12. Windows XP (October 2001)
  13. Windows Vista (November 2006)
  14. Windows 7 (October 2009)
  15. Windows 8 (August 2012)
  16. Windows 8.1 (2013)
  17. Windows 10 (2015)
  18. Windows 11 (2021)
  19. Windows Server (March 2003)
  20. Windows Home Server (January 2007)
  21. Windows CE (November 2006)
  22. Windows Mobile (April 2000)
  23. Windows Phone (November 2010)

These are versions of all Windows operating systems, in which all are present from the first operating system. Users find it more appropriate to use Windows 11, as it is the latest version and new features are also available inside it.

MAC Operating System

mac operating system

You must have heard the name of the Apple company, the Mac OS is the operating system of the Apple company, but not everyone can use this OS because the Apple company has launched this OS only for those users Apple’s computer or laptop is used.

MAC Operating System is used by those who do their work at full speed without any interruption because this OS’s speed is very fast and it does not hang, and most people do not buy it because Apple computers are much more expensive than Windows.

Kali Linux Operating System

kali linux operating system

Kali Linux is an open-source and free Operating System, Which programmers, developers, and hackers like to use. It is a complete command line operating system that cannot be used by a Beginner.

Kali Linux is such an operating system in which no virus can attack, but it is very difficult for a beginner to run Kali Linux. Basically, Kali Linux is used for Penetration testing, Learn Ethical Hacking, or Bug Bounty, etc.

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