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What is WhatWeb Tool in Kali Linux

WhatWeb Tool – If you looking WhatWeb Kali Linux Tool then this is the right place to find out What is WhatWeb Tool is in Kali Linux and How to Use the WhatWeb Tool.

Are you a Computer user you like to learn about Ethical Hacking, So In this article, We will learn about WhatWeb Tool in Kali Linux, but do you know What is WhatWeb Tool is?

So read this article completely, because In this I have told you about a Kali Linux tool named WhatWeb and How you can use WhatWeb in Kali Linux.

What is WhatWeb Tool in Kali Linux

What is Whatweb in Kali Linux

WhatWeb is a Kali Linux tool, with the help of which you can easily identify any website that any technology is used in the website, which helps a lot in web pen-testing and bug bunting.

With WhatWeb you can get the details of any website, which plugin is being used, what is their version, which cms are being used here or which website is being used by the platform, which web framework should be used on the website, What security is being used here, the website’s email address, account id, etc.

With the WhatWeb tool, you can also easily scan your local network whether any website or webserver is running there or not, this tool is made in Ruby language, which has more than 1800 plugins to manage the website. Uses that can extract a lot of useful information from a website.

How to Install WhatWeb Tool in Kali Linux

This tool is already installed inside Kali Linux, If this tool is not installed or updated in your Kali Linux then you can install or update the WhatWeb tool using just this one command.

  • First, open Terminal
  • Then type this Command and hit Enter
apt-get install WhatWeb

After this Command, just hit Enter and you will see that WhatWeb will automatically Install or Update in your Kali Linux.

How to Use WhatWab Tool in Kali Linux

Now I will tell you that How you can use the WhatWeb tool in Kali Linux for Analysis data of any targeted Website.

  • First, Open Terminal
  • Type Command – “whatweb
  • Then you see the all commands of WhatWeb
  • Then for use this tool
  • Type Command like this – “whatweb [options] <URLS>
  • Then you will get a lot of Information about the Website.

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