Why Microsoft Allow Piracy | Why doesn’t Microsoft take action on Pirated Windows?

Why microsoft allow piracy

Why Microsoft Allow Piracy – if you want to know that Why Microsoft Allow Piracy then this is the right place to find out that Why doesn’t Microsoft take action on Pirated Windows.

You must have Use the first computer or laptop in your life, in which you have always seen the same operating system again and again, that is Windows operating system.

Do you know that you use a Pirated operating system but do you know why does Microsoft not stop its piracy? So read this article completely.

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Why Microsoft Allow Piracy || Why Microsoft doesn’t ban Pirated Windows

Microsoft does not stop Pirated Windows because Microsoft itself wants you to use pirated operating systems. If you want to use Microsoft Windows, then you have to buy this, which costs about $ 134, But if you use a pirated Windows then it costs around $6.

When a student sees and learns Windows since childhood, he becomes an expert in Windows operating system and when that student reaches some job or professional place, he asks for the Windows operating system from the company, for which the company has to pay about $ 140 – $ 200 to Microsoft.

What is the Benefit of Microsoft by not Stopping Piracy?

Microsoft can stop this piracy if it wants, but Microsoft has the advantage of running Pirated Windows and if Microsoft stops it, then operating systems like Linux and Ubuntu will be superior to Microsoft. Here are some Benefits of Microsoft by not stopping Piracy.

  • Because of running Windows since childhood, people get addicted to it.
  • If a job worker is addicted to Windows, then the company will have to buy Windows from Microsoft.
  • Because of running pirated Windows, everyone advises each other to use Windows, which promotes Microsoft’s Windows.
  • Every user of Pirated Windows wants to use Windows in jobs or business.

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