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Interesting Facts about Windows 93

Windows 93 secrets – If you looking for Windows 93 secrets then this is the right place to find out some interesting facts about Windows 93 online.

Are you a Computer user and like to use Windows 93, but do you know some Interesting Secrets of Windows 93?

So read this article completely, because In this I have told you Windows 93 Secrets and some Interesting Facts.

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Windows 93 Secrets

Now I will tell you some Interesting secrets of Windows 93, So If you use Windows 93 then you should know about Windows 93 Secrets.

  1. You can find Windows 93 old version in c drive, but it doesn’t work.
  2. If you delete system 32 file in a drive then a gif appear on front of you with a man who is confused that why you want delete this file.
  3. If you click on Start Button and open Crazy App then you will laugh a lot, try Now
  4. If you click on “Tollay not a Virus, Trust me I’m a Dolphin” then your all icon will get down.
  5. You can also see Start Wars film by click on “Start Wars.avi
  6. If you type random letters in byte beat then an image and a dog appear with text that “I have no idea, what I’m doing“.
  7. You can also play some video games named – “GAFA 3D” , “Kof 93” in windows 93. try now

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